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Jan 30, 2010

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Port Chester, NY

People Of Color In Port Chester, New York Should Take A L...

A THREAT TO JUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE." - Reverend Martin Luther King Should All Port Chester Residents Be Concerned When A Newspaper Tries To Suppress Minority Voices In An Effort To Be A King Maker In Local Politics? Newspaper Conglomerate Gannet's Refused To Place An Ad In The Journal News From The New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders, That Detailed Their Charges And Calling On Bramson To Apologize The County's Only Daily Newspaper Refused To Run The Minority Groups Advertisement. Here Is The Ad That Gannett, The Journal News And Lohud.Com Did Not Want You To See.... http://www.newroch /Open%20Letter%20t o%20Mayor%20Noam%2 0BramsonFINAL.pdf THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE: Gannet Publisher Janet Hasson Is Now Backtracking And Finally Put out A Tiny Story About The New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders The story was placed bellow the fold on the front page of the Journal News in response to articles that have started to go viral n social media websites in Westchester County. You know that a newspaper has failed its readers when they don't just report the news, but become a news story themselves. SUPPRESSING FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THE MINORITY COMMUNITY Gannet Publisher Janet Hasson did not return calls seeking comment, but stated in her paper that Gannet wanted The New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders to change wording in the advertisement, linked above, and the African American group refused The Fact Is Gannets Journal News has a long history of trying to control and suppress the many varied voices in the African American community, by only interviewing the same handful black voices over and over and over. ARE MINORITIES GETTING A FAIR SHOT IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK? The Answer is “No” And It Is Now Time To Ask What Can be Done? The Journal News, has tried (and repeatedly failed) at minority outreach many times,but the bias against the new bread of minority activists is clear in the Journal news editors refusal to publish concerns raised by The New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders until now. But Gannet Publisher Janet Hasson fails to realize that Westchester County is bubbling with a growing population of talented, lively minority students eager to prepare for careers in film, television, theater, print and broadcast journalism. These minority communities want to bring a richness of culture, ideas and perspectives to the pages of the Journal News and are even willing to buy ads to do so. Yet African-Americans, Latinos and Asians from all over the United States, Puerto Rico and Central America, many of them children of immigrants from Jamaica, Barbados, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa are ignored by Gannet Publisher Janet Hasson in Westchester County. Here Is The Story That The Journal News Finially Put Up About New Rochelle Lincoln Zuber Riders Yesterday.... GROUP CALLS BROMSON, HOSTILE, RACIST Accusations of racism were injected into the Westchester County executive race over the weekend when a newly formed group from New Rochelle accused Democratic candidate Noam Bramson of hostility toward the African-American community in the city where he serves as mayor. The Bramson campaign immediately hit back, saying the accusations came from proxies for the campaign of Republican County Executive Rob Astorino. The Astorino campaign denied involvement and his spokesman, Bill O’Reilly, said they don’t want the distraction from the campaign. “It’s just not our issue. We don’t want to be involved in this,” he said http://www.newseum .org/todaysfrontpa ges/hr.asp?fpVname =NY_JN&ref_pge =lst  (Sep 25, 2013 | post #1)

Port Chester, NY

Help Port Chester Roundup Get The Story Out

PORT CHESTER ROUNDUP UPDATE #2 Another Port Chester resident is reporting that Port Chester Trustee Sam Terenzi and Matt Troy were dragged down to the Westchester County District Attorney's office was investigating reported wrong doings with an amnesty program in the parking violations bureau. Apparently, the Port Chester Police Chief was unable to develop a case that Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro to move forward on. But there may be a record of his efforts. http://risingtimes 0/11/24/the-pirro- tapes-who-has-them -and-what%E2%80%99 s-on-them/ After 25 years of being involved in Port Chester politics Trustee Sam Terenzi has had his snout in many public troughs. It doesn't matter if Terenzi is running as a Conservative, a Democrat or a Republican he always ends up with taxpayer funded contract or appointment. Right, Port Chester Trustee Sam Terenzi he is running around Port Chester telling his 200 bullet voting cronies that Joe Carvin has to be reelected as the Rye Town Supervisor or he will be out $60,000. And if Terenzi is not taken care of then his key bullet voting supporters wont be taken care of with taxpayer funded goodies. Here is information on Sam Terenzi's 200 bullet voters.... http://www.ballot- /16/port-chester-c umulative-voting-s eems-more-useful-t o-minor-parties-an d-independents-tha n-to-hispanics/  (Mar 24, 2011 | post #2)

Port Chester, NY

Help Port Chester Roundup Get The Story Out

PORT CHESTER ROUNDUP UPDATE: Today Port Chester Roundup is getting word that over a decade ago the Port Chester Police Department and the Village Manager were made aware of the meter thefts by village employees. This information was given to the Village Manager by the Westchester County. District Attorney's office during an undercover investigation unrelated to the theft. Now fifteen years later and millions of taxpayer dollars later the Westchester County District Attorney's and the Port Chester Police Department are all shocked that there were Parking Meter Thefts. So far on one has been arrested and most Port Chester taxpayers expect no arrests due to the fact that many of the same people are investigating the current thefts.  (Mar 24, 2011 | post #1)

Port Chester, NY

Open Door Employee Who Treats Poor Families In Port Chest...

"When you can't start a line in a junkie's arm ... go for the neck!" the caption read. The photographs posted by Port Chester physician assistant, Leo Caamano, in a photo album on his Facebook page called "Bloddy (sic) Mess," was recently deleted after being exposed by a local news paper. Mr, Caamano, who works at the Open Door Family Medical Center in Port Chester, acknowledged to the newspaper that he had posted the gory pictures of himself performing procedures on patients. Mr, Caamano, claimed that the pictures were not taken at the Open Door center. Open Door Chief Operations Officer Anita Wilenkin declined to say what disciplinary measures, if any, Caamano would face. In photographs provided to The Journal News were the patients identifiable. Ms. Wilenkin said that she would not report the incident to state authorities and Claimed that is was not a violation of their patients' rights. Mr. Caamano's profile photo for his Facebook page showed him giving the finger. Mr. Caamano would not say where he was working at the time. He notes in his facebook comments that he had held three jobs in less than a year. "That I do not want to answer," he said when a facebook buddy asked why. Desta Lakew, the director of development at open door promised that the clinic would remind all employees about the pitfalls of social networking. Open Door Chief Operations Officer Anita Wilenkin should hold Mr. Caamano accountable for his actions. I don't care that these incidents didn't take place at Open Door, the fact they took place at all is "DESPICABLE ". 3 jobs in 1 year says it all. It is clear that Mr, Caamano is an immature jerk with no sense of what is appropriate and what is not. Mr, Caamano is not fit to be a physician's assistant,or anything even remotely similar. He should be fired by Open Door and investigated by the state. The really scary thing is that this is that Open Door is the medical group that they allow into the Port Chester Schools to treat children. One final note to the clueless Open Door Chief Operations Officer Anita Wilenkin this is reportable, and you should be fired if it is not reported.  (Feb 8, 2010 | post #1)

Port Chester, NY

I got this email from Marsella Bowen can someone in Port ...

Dear Sirs My name is Marsella and I live in Edinburgh in Scotland. I found your website through an entry on Google connected to your page dated 18/06/07 for a Karen Mutino doing a Class of 1967 reunion and hope you may be able to help me by pointing me in the right direction. Perhaps you can direct me to some internet sites that hold this type of information or photographs that I have been unable to locate myself. I have contacted Park Avenue School and I am hoping that a friend of mine is going to be able to go through their archives for me mid February but that is still under negotiation. My sister, Ivana, will be 60 on 29th March 2010 (born 1950) and as a surprise I am making a book of her life as a gift to her. I am looking for anything pertaining to Park Avenue School between 1955 and 1958. My sister first attended Park Avenue School around May 1955 and she was put into a kindergarten class, she remained at the school there until 1958 as our family returned back to Scotland in the August. My Mother remembers some of her friends being Marie Onofrie that lived in a house facing Portchester High School, a girl with surname Linen that lived in Fairview Avenue and another girl called Marcella. My parents liked the name so much I was named Marsella. Our parents emigrated to Portchester at the end of April 1955 with my sister and remained there until 1958. When they first arrived they lived at either Merrit Street or 417 Franklin Street, Portchester. I still have family living in and around the area, aunts and uncles and cousins. One of my first cousins is Louis Mario De Marco he is a lawyer in Portchester and I am led to believe he is quite well known in the area. I have not contacted them about this as my cousins all work full time and my aunts and uncles are old and not in good health. This project has taken me on quite a journey of her 60 years I have even managed to obtain Ivana's name on the passenger list going out to New York on The Queen Mary and both of ours returning on The Queen Elisabeth with our parents to Southampton in England. Although I have family photos of that time I am hoping you can point me in the right direction to help me fill in some gaps as there is a void in the book I am puting together. I was born on 16th February 1958 at The United Hospital. I attended Park Avenue school in 1964, that was the condition attached to my being allowed out of school in Scotland to visit my grandparents who at that time stayed at 11 Hillcrest Avenue, Portchester. I have my transfer card that was given to me when my time at Park Avenue finished. The principal at my time of attendance was Mary K Bain and my class teacher was a Miss Esther Williams. I was in grade 2 and my last date of attendance was 25th November 1964 and my date of discharge was 30th November 1964. Unfortunately I do not have the date when my time commenced but I arrived in Portchester on 14th September 1964 so I guess it would be shortly after that. The only name I remember from my time there was Herman Goodyear he was a neighbour of my Grandparents and we played together after school. Whilst I am doing this it would be fantastic to obtain some information on my own time in Portchester, although I do not wish to be too greedy, and my main concern is to fill in the gaps for my sister. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can help but if not that you will pass it on to someone who can. My only problem is that time is now against me. I hope to hear from you. Kind regards Marsella marsella_bowen@hot  (Feb 1, 2010 | post #1)

Port Chester, NY

Anthony Casterella gets weekends jail, deadline to pay fo...

A judge Friday gave Anthony Casterella another 17 months to pay off a $35,000 fine for allowing hundreds of gallons of heating oil to leak into a property in Harrison in 2007. Meanwhile, the judge sentenced Anthony Casterella, who owns Cast Construction, to 16 weekends in jail for the spill. Casterella had pleaded guilty in November to third-degree endangering public health or the environment. Mr. Casterella started serving his first weekend at Westchester County jail Friday night. State Supreme Court Justice William A. Wetzel in White Plains agreed to let him skip the weekend of April 23 so he can tend to a family matter. Mr. Casterella and his corporation were ordered to pay a $75,000 fine. Cast Construction paid $40,000 of the fine Friday, and Casterella guaranteed it would pay $35,000 by June 15, 2011. If Mr. Casterella fails to pay in full, he will be sent to state prison for one to three years. The charge is punishable by up to four years. mr. Casterella, 45, was accused of rupturing an oil line during a renovation at 57 Kenilworth Road in December 2007. It caused more than 200 gallons of heating oil to seep into a neighbor's property, the groundwater and a quarter-acre of town wetlands. Prosecutors said he made no effort to clean it up.  (Jan 30, 2010 | post #1)

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