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Sep 12, 2011

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Wangkang Burned, Spirits Delivered

KUBU RAYA – Prayer grave 7 on 15-month lunar calendar is finished. Marked by Wangkan burns procession in Yayasan Bhakti Suci Foundation, Sungai Raya, Kubu Raya district on Sunday (14/8). Location Wangkang burn was crowded with hundreds of Chinese citizens. A number of journalists from various electronic media and print media was present to capture the moment. There’s even a journalist from the United States witnessed and covered to create a book. Long and large-sized Wangkang like a real ship, and every year grew 5 cm in length. Before the burn process started, first held prayer seized or Chio Sik Kow (Teociu) and Shi Ku Chiong. Various agricultural products are collected in one location that is considered sacred to the next was captured by the locals, especially Chinese citizens ranging from children to parents. According to the Chairman of Yayasan Bhakti Suci, The Iu Sia, burning ceremony was held one hundred years of Wangkang in West Kalimantan. Chinese citizens Confucians implemented as an end to prayer grave 7 on 15-month lunar calendar. The event was also closed with a prayer seized or Chio Sik Kow (Teociu) and Shi Ku Chiong (Kek / Hakka). He explained that the prayer was seized welcome autumn (Chiu Cie) by distributing agricultural produce such as fruits and vegetables and meat pet. Share it with the way bone of contention in certain areas such as pages temples or places consecrated. Peak program, continued The Iu Sia is to burn Wangkang or boat. Wangkang was made in such a way as to bring the spirits during prayer at the grave human world. “After seven months of prayer, the spirit must return to its original place in a calm and peaceful. Because it’s usually people Confucius did not perform activities such as opening a new business or moving house in month seven, including marriage,” he said. In the Wangkang, described the Iu Sia, equipped with various eating utensils and drinking and garments as well as human needs in general. There are staple foods, fruits, clothing, until the money made of paper. “The ship with crew and prepared boat driver usher the spirits. Expected next year will reassemble undergo a similar ritual, “he said. Towards evening, the Iu Sia continued, Wangkang that has been carrying the spirits and all hers were burned. Smoke will rise into the air toward the sky, toward nirvana with the spirits. “Thus the citizens of Confucianism believes all human activity returned to normal, safe and full of sustenance,” he hoped. Meanwhile, Regent Kubu Raya, Muda Mahendrawan, said the procession was part of the agenda that has been menasional and it’s important to evoke the spirit of Chinese citizens. “This activity is also a culture that is expected to be adhesive and unifying. Moreover, this encourages an increase in tourist visits to District Kubu Raya. We hope this event continues every year. We also hope the cooperation already established a good relationship with local governments during this awake, “said Muda. (JUL)  (Sep 12, 2011 | post #1)

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