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Nov 6, 2013

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Louisville, KY

anyone been to the Flea Off Market???

7 th street in L'ville...but the best one is Shelby County Flea Simpsonville, ky, about 20 miles south of L'ville  (Apr 26, 2014 | post #3)

Lawrenceburg, KY

Heroin on Brenda Drive?

You are a bitch that needs to get a life...let me guess how u spend ur day...u stare out ur window all day at ur neighbor, that's called stalking by the way, then u get on Topix and ask total strangers for advice bc obviously u have no life or no friends...get a life...and no, I live nowhere around u...thank god  (Apr 26, 2014 | post #23)

Louisville, KY

Lace-It-Up Footwear

Shelby County Flea Market...820 Buck Creek Lane, Simpsonville, KY....New, Never Been Worn, Name Brand Shoes and Boots for the whole family....30-90% off retail price...Some deadstock Jordan's for sale that you can't buy in the store only online and we sell them lower than anywhere...New stock put out every week....Nike, Reeboks, Adidas, Vans, DC, Puma, etc....  (Nov 8, 2013 | post #1)