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Jan 25, 2014

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Benton, TN

Marijuana - Benton, TN

Some folks endanger others daily by texting and talking on their phone while they're supposed to be driving. Some folks drink and drive when they have had far too much. Alcohol is far more deadly than cannabis will ever be. Just because some people do stupid things doesn't mean everyone should have the Gov't controlling what we do in our homes or what we grow in our fields to earn a living (we import hemp and it doesn't get you high, its cash crop value surpasses corn and wheat) or what medications (like Simpson Oil) should be kept from citizens who don't want to be hooked on pharmaceuticals or who are suffering because pharma doesn't work. My only brother is 42, married with 4 kids. He has terminal cancer, melanoma, exhausted every avenue, chemo, radiation, surgeries and has never smoked cannabis. If there's even the slightest chance that it would help or even cure him, I want him to have that chance. I know it will be too late and that angers and saddens me. How many could be saved if we just had access to a plant? Not all cannabis gets you high. The THC content in the plant can be lowered and the CBD content can be raised. That is the healing part in cannabis. CBD. Look it up, Simpson Oil and Charlotte's plant, named after a 5 year old who was having 300 seizures a week and how it made her well. God put a healing plant here for us and the powers that be, corporations, lobbyists, pay big bucks to Politicians to keep it illegal. It was all made illegal by the alcohol, cotton, paper and pharmaceutical industries who are running this country right into the ground! A few great facts: Kentucky will soon be growing hemp again. TN is the 4th state where cannabis was its TOP cash crop. Our Constitution was written on hemp. The sails on Columbus' ships were made of hemp. Our dead Presidents (like G. Washington) grew hemp. Cannabis was legalized TWICE after prohibition, so the Feds changed it to a Schedule 1 drug to keep it illegal. It cannot be a Schedule 1 drug if it has medicinal properties. Something's gotta give here!  (Jan 25, 2014 | post #4)

Cleveland, TN

Marijuana - Cleveland, TN

It was legalized twice after prohibition, then the FEDS changed it to a Schedule 1. If there are no medicinal purposes for it, why does the Gov't. want a patent and why do they distribute cannabis medicinally themselves? It cannot be a Schedule 1 if it has medicinal value. A cash crop worth more than corn and wheat, hemp shouldn't be illegal either! We lose revenue importing hemp!  (Jan 25, 2014 | post #38)