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Jul 5, 2013

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Utica, NY

jenna giovinco sullivan and her fat crew

Lmfao low Self-esteem in your f..king dreams I def don't have that I know I look good and everyone who knows me knows I look good so come up with more lame shit to say about people u don't even know itz sad that people have no f..king life but to sit and talk shit about people they don't even know dam get a f..king life and stay the f..k out of other people life and worrie about your dam self and stop hating cuz Jenna and her kidz are very well taking care of just cuz your bum ass don't have anyone and u have no money or a f..king life or better yet wash your stank ass and get a job or fu.king hobby cuz reading all this shit showz that u low life's def have no life and stop hating cuz she found someone who makes her happy cuz Obviously NO ONE else EVER could and stop getting mad and hating cuz we have a nice beautiful home and she has everything she will ever needz So keep hating and call anyone u want cuz there'z nothing u dirt ballz and low life's can do or say and really it showz how lam and u have no life to say and make shit up about someone u don't even know dam lmao I touch lit kidz really if your gonna make shit up u could of came up with something better than that but it showz how dumb u really are so if u wanna talk shit about someone u don't know why don't u get your factz and information right before u hurt your self with shit u don't know or if your that big try saying that shit to my face u f..king birdz if your stalking my girl that bad and hard u will know where I live and my door is alwayz open u f..king bumz  (Sep 23, 2013 | post #118)

Utica, NY

jenna giovinco sullivan and her fat crew

Hey I'm the new boyfriend and I have all my teeth sorry to say and for the people talk shit about people get a f***ing life and worry about your own f***ing life and stop bashing other people cuz your not happy in your Pathetic life and I come see me and I'll bash u for real cuz weak ass scared as people sit behind a screen and talk shit  (Sep 13, 2013 | post #99)