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May 6, 2013

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Is homosexuality a sin?

I have read the bible, and I try to "consider the source"; that it was written by MEN of this earth. Not God. Not Jesus. But regular old run-of-the-mill MEN who happened to be educated enough to know how to read and write. If you believe that an omnipotent God created all of us, do you really think that He made mistakes in creating all of us different? I mean, who is to say that there isn't something amiss with redheads? God gave us free will, and God gave us sex organs. It seems to me that what we do with them is up to us, since He did give us that free will. It wasn't so we would mess up, people! It was so we could all choose differently and still be under the guiding and loving hand of our Creator. It has taken me years to reach a point where I recognize God as a wonderful force for good in my life, NOT some tyrant waiting for me to F up so that He can throw me into the fires of hell. It is up to EACH of us to recognize God within us, and to make decisions accordingly. Many of those decisions will not be the best ones we could make at the time (like choosing a candy bar over an apple at snack time) but we learn from them, change what needs changing, and move on. I don't think any of us (straight , gay, bi-sexual, transgendered) feels that OUR sexual orientation was a choice. Do you as a straight person feel that you CHOSE to be hetero? I don't think so. The same for gay, bi and transgendered people. Why do so many of us think that WE have the lock on what is right for others??? Hell, I've got my hands full just struggling with the apple/candy bar thing! Next time you see someone who is different than you in any way that you have strong feelings against, try asking yourself if THEY are okay with their difference? If they are okay with it, then you probably should be too. After all, it is THEIR difference, not yours. I wish you all peace and understanding.  (May 14, 2013 | post #88935)