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Mar 7, 2009

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cloth diapers and plastic pants under communion dresses

id have to agree,the topic is sounding quite corny,i can see if someone truely had a intrest in a fetish for pvc plastic material or a fetish of adult baby but it sould be at a different site.i guess the only thing weird is i like pvc plastic and always had a fetish of adult women wearing plastic clothings such as plastic pants,so it s kinda weird bu tthe whole church thing is just someones made up story or idea i believe  (May 18, 2010 | post #431)

cloth diapers and plastic pants under communion dresses

well im glad to hear some comments about this topic,to me is does sound unusal and vary uncommon,many people who even think about this idea or topic will be quite offensive i think,most teen girls n boys probably do not know even where to buy plastic pants n diapers nor have the money for them,most ,like 95% are sold over the internet with a adult credit card and as time goes by,one can ever hardly find for sale at a local store,maybe in the 50's n 60' before the diaposable cheap diapers came out it was easy to find over the counter for the public.the idea of basically haveing any interst in this plastic pants or diapers i have to say from expirence is a choice and a fetish,weather it be big baby adult baby fetish or just a loveing for the plastic material.for me it is the material,soft n shiny and the feeling.i am suprised to hear any comments about girls who actually wear plastic pants,perhaps there may be some who do use for medical purposes but any person who really puts on plastic pants is just a person who likes them,to me the idea of communion as such is a agreeable idea for me for girls who use them,i like all girls to wear them but thye basically wear designed for incontiant rights not for is okay to abuse plastic pants in any fashion really,if it is something you like then it is okay but honestly most people who listen about this will think you are weird or disturbed which fo rme is okay to be nutty in a way anyone chooses.ive been on the net for about 15 yrs now and monitor all imfo about plastic pants,i would say if any one had any questions should mostly ask me as i am a specialist in this plastic material,my mostly collection is for fetish modeling photos of my wife,i have a full collection of about 2000 special costom made plastic pants as well as 1000 other pvc articals,i have a severe fetish for this pvc plastic material as well as about 500 other people in the world as me.go my page at youtube under michaeldurano to view videos of my fancy clothing line.i do have the largest collection in the whole world and beleve some day i will find models to have a site to display fun photos of girls wearing plastic clothings as i lable plastic pants clothing.there is also all sites posted how to buy there as well and any concerns about plastic pants should be focoused to me as i am a expert for advice on this holy any how i am not sure if you are reading this because no one is asking me zip bu ti can garrantee you i know every thing about these kind of pants so see my id home page for some inquestrest fun n enjoy  (May 18, 2010 | post #430)

cloth diapers and plastic pants under communion dresses

continued topic...i like the idea of course of all girls at any age wearing soft shiny plastic panties stuffed with thick white cotton diapers,my self i have a full 2000 pair collection of the most unusal,finest,shin yest softest plastic panties on the whole planet,lace flowers,hearts,you name it,i also own a extensive collection of all dollish scocks,garters,leg ging,tights tutus,micromini skirts.bikinis,hai r bows,leg arm n neck garters all pvc vinyl plastic,no one in the world can compare to my finest $50,000 doller collection used for modeling,plastic and adult baby lolita dress up are a complete play fetish and not to be repersented by any orgization like the church,it's from free will may look at my collection at com/people/2386856 1@N02/ i am glad to hear of this unusal plastic pants wearing but is is diffenately not required in church.i can understand if girls at any age choose to wear soft plastic adultish plastic baby pants n diapers because of medical problems or fetish desires thats great but no one at a church or wedding honestly knows or cares about this,again most people taboo the whole idea thinking if you resort back to a baby your wierd and you will be ridiquiled by others,enjoy my super photo collection of the cutest plastic garments and shiny best softest plastic pants in the world...and one want ot comment just hit me up.  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #154)

cloth diapers and plastic pants under communion dresses

hello,just found this topic about plastic pants and as a specialist in the feild for many years and also a cathloic,i would like to join in on this topic.i was in the seminary for a year at age 14 and a praticeing cathloic for all my 46 years now.about what is required to wear at first communions clothing wise ...follows..for girls a white dress veil and white gloves for boys a suit n tie dress younger girls tend to get more cutely dressed up by there parents with some white tights and maybe pushing it some dolly lace scocks,were only talking ages like 6 to 10 tops,girls near puberty will tend not to display a little girl look as they wish to become older to a new level in listen to any comments about what is worn under any outfit as first communion or a wedding is completely nosence,no preist is going pay any attention or care what is worn under the outfit,what would he care,hes just there to preform a service,not to look inspect touch,check or feel,the person.any one makeing up storys like this is purely bullshit,white is a theme of purity thats it,some girls now adays do not even wear a veil to church go on the alter as never allowed before or enter the curch without a hat on,so times change.thoughts of wearing plastic panties and cloth puffy cotton diapers,thghts and baby doll lace scoks are a complete baby fetish,for one to personally choose to or be force to wear plastic n diapers any where is purely there own choice and concidered a fetish.there is nothing wrong with this fetish at all other then most of the people in the world today missinturpret baby fetish an taboo the topic as evil or wrong,strange or preverted...  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #153)