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Sep 8, 2009

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J'Aime et J'Espere


Take A Guess, USA


You tell me for 25 bonus pts.

Local Favorites:

Dollar General, Family Dollar, Subway, First Community Bank, etc...

I Belong To:

Many organizations

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm otherwise engaged. (i.e. I'm doing something else! LOL)

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I'm apathetic. Read/don't read--I don't care.

I'm Listening To:

Rock, Classics, ...

Read This Book:

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo (There isn't enough room to list all the books I'd recommend. "I cannot live without books."--Thomas Jefferson)

Favorite Things:

Family, Books, History, Art, Politics, Science, Satire, Philately, Traveling, The Hokies, etc...

On My Mind:

Social Injustice

Blog / Website / Homepage:

To Be Announced

I Believe In:

My Son