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Jul 24, 2008

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Peabody, MA

Governor Romney and flooding

I keep reading how Romney dropped the ball when Peabody was flooding. Anyone out there who lived through those floods who would like to comment? Was he really non-responsive and inept, or did he do a decent job? I'm curious what those actually THERE have to say about it, instead of the partisan pundits and politicos.  (Nov 2, 2012 | post #1)

Oxnard, CA

Man who caused fatal train wreck receives 11 life sentences

So you think life in prison having to think about what he did is "easier" than dieing? Actually I think dieing and not having that in your head would be "easier" . They should line his cell with photos of his victims... that would really make it a living hell.  (Aug 26, 2008 | post #14)

Oxnard, CA


You are not Sally Sharp -- you are the psycho that is stalking Sally Sharp.... that your IP address autolocates to Wagoner, OK... as does the IP for all the other IDs you've used so far in order to try to harass her, speaks for itself. Find a good shrink and get the help you need.  (Jul 28, 2008 | post #2)

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