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Oct 15, 2011

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Gouverneur, NY

Does anyone know June simser (Murray)?

@Lovingmylife, u must be one hard up bitch or dude to be putting my best friend on here, She is the greatest friend anyone can have,, u should be so lucky to have her in ur life i know i am, her family also loves her very much i know i do,,she would give u her last dollar so u could get a drink if she had it,, she is the greatest mother to her daughter,, maybe if u took ur FAT face away from ur computer and took the time to get to know her than u will realize u are so far from the truth,, oh June i got it either its one of Jay's rejects or she/he is just plain jealious that u r finally happy with ur life and how its going,,, well im done with this and i swear if i hear this one more time i will make it my job to find out who this is and i have my ways lol <3 u June, Jay, and baby girl...... Auntie loves you  (Nov 21, 2011 | post #8)

Gouverneur, NY

Heather Fronhizer

u know what u pieces of shit, she is a great mother and i have seen it first hand, her house isn't dirty for one and 2 randy isn't a dirtbag, dan maybe but not randy, she loves her kids with all her heart and atleast she's trying to provide for her kids ulike half of the Gouverneur winners,, u might wanna look in ur closet before u let anyone else's and so what if her coat is dingie, that just means she's active with her life and her kids and i can guarentee that ur jacket n hoodie looks just like hers if ya'll r from gouvie i know i was born n raised there  (Nov 21, 2011 | post #5)

Watertown, NY

Malcolm Traylor (trash)

watch out watertown we have a new scumbag in town and he goes by the name of malcolm trayor,he's a pussy, druggie that could careless about other ppl and there families, he's an obsessive tool, and he is a phycopath, he repeatedly has contact with cops and CPS, he has 2 beautiful babies that love him and he could careless about,,, he has been given chance after chance after chance to change his ways so he can get his kids back but noooo drugs and selling drugs are more important,, he is a pussy as well,, he talks a big talk but when it comes to backing it up he runs and hides in his room under the covers..just ask around town no one likes him or has any nice things to say,, so if u see him stay away  (Oct 15, 2011 | post #1)