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Dec 7, 2007

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Santa to Daniels: 'You want coal? You get coal'

Some numbers I found in DOE for 2006-2007: Percent total US power generation by fuel Coal 45%, Nat. Gas 29%, Wind/Solar a combined 0.6% (even with wind showing a 47% increase from last year). As to cost we find residential cost in Delaware at $130.00/MWhr and Arizona, where the sun shines all day long, is $96/MWhr as opposed to Indiana's residential rate of $80/MWhr using mostly coal. Since the "Green" agenda is really the total elimination of coal, how might we ask do you replace 45% of the nation's generation with fuels other than coal and not wreck the total energy picture? Another thing to consider in coal producing regions is that much of the cost of producing, processing and utilizing coal stays in the region as value added to the economy. If you build a gas pipeline from South America to the U.S. how much incremental value is added through that process? Hugo would love us even more! I will come clean (pun intended) in this discussion and divulge I am a coal guy but really if we are talking greenhouse gas let's go nuclear utilize an expedited permit process, federal guaranteed subsidies and liability limits and exercise emminent domain powers to dispose of the spent fuel problem. Have a great Christmas and I wish you many lumps of coal. Beware, Santa and I are best buds.  (Dec 8, 2007 | post #52)

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