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Apr 30, 2007

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time to ban killer pit bulls

um do not tell me that the only people that will miss them is drug dealers and trailer trash. cuz i am not any of those things... i am not a drug dealer... i am not trailer trash... i do not live in the ghetto. and i know that if i didnt have my pit i might as well kill myself cuz i would be nothing w/out him.  (May 22, 2007 | post #154)


time to ban killer pit bulls

ok um no. i am not a drug dealer... i am not trailer trash... and i do not live in the ghetto. so do not f*ing tell me that those are the only people that will miss them. cuz i know that if my pit was ever taken from me. my life would be over. i might as well kill myself.  (May 22, 2007 | post #153)


time to ban killer pit bulls

no they are not. like i have already stated... the only bad pits are the ones that were trained by BAD HUMANS. its not thier fault that thier owner was evil. dont blame them...blame humans.  (May 22, 2007 | post #152)

Pensacola, FL

Teens hospitalized in accident

omg. charles york. ami rowell. ashley rowell. jayme spivey. jessica martin. natasha king. and bretty. i love them all. i was at the hospital the morning after it happened. i remember being woken up and told that my best friend [jessica martin] was in the hospital and my mom told me that she was in acoma and on life support. my stomach dropped. i hated charles for weeks after the accident because he was the one driving. i felt that he should have been put through the pain that everyone else was because he walked out without a scratch. but i am cool with him now. im rachael.. do i know you?  (May 18, 2007 | post #2)

Milton, FL

Deputies looking for man charged with molesting a child

is his name Jesse Mayo? cuz if it is. i know him. he is in jail for kidnapping and molesting a child.  (May 18, 2007 | post #2)

Insane Clown Posse

some questions on icp

ok um no we dont. we aint no f**king hoes. so get the f**k over it and stop hatin.  (May 18, 2007 | post #25)


Whats ur fave dog ?

my favorite dog is a pitbull. they are amazing. and so misunderstood. just like me.  (May 18, 2007 | post #59)


time to ban killer pit bulls

um no. we are not bad people. i may have done my share of drugs.. gotten into a few fights. skipped some school. but i have never done anything to hurt my dog. he is what keeps me warm at night. he makes me feel safe. he protects me. so yea not all pitbull owners are bad. your bad.  (May 18, 2007 | post #145)


time to ban killer pit bulls

no. so your saying that just because there are a few dogs attack because the way that they were trained [which is what should be banned] that we should ban all of the dogs? no that is crap. if you are gunna do that then we might as well f*ing ban kids that fight. am i right? lets ban all the murderers..sexual offenders..abusers ..anyone that has ever got in a fight. is that right to do? NO its not.  (May 18, 2007 | post #144)


time to ban killer pit bulls

um no it just depends on how you train them. if you train them well then they wont attack but if the evil cruel dog fighting abusive trainers trains them then they attack. that is what it all comes down to.  (May 17, 2007 | post #135)

Insane Clown Posse

Springs school suspends fans of rap group

ok 1st off. i am out of school. i go to an adult school and i can wear whatever i want. 2nd off i am old enough to drive. i am a EXCELLENT driver. never been in a wreck or pulled over. so i know the rules of the road. but comparing the rules of the road to school is 2 totally different things. if a kid wears a ICP shirt to school it doesnt endanger anyone it is harmless. but if you disobey the road rules you can insure yourself or others. so tell me how is that the same thing?  (May 17, 2007 | post #42)

Insane Clown Posse

The Stages if Juggaloism

the more los and lettes the better. we are gunna take over the world one day. :]]  (May 17, 2007 | post #7)

Insane Clown Posse

Misunderstanding ICP

yea. and i think that if somebody doesnt like it they shouldnt dis on it they should just go on in thier lives listening to theyre music... ya kno.  (May 17, 2007 | post #9)

Insane Clown Posse


ill have to do that cuz i havent heard it. :]] thanx. MMFCL  (May 17, 2007 | post #6)

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