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Jun 4, 2007

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amandas angelversary cake


wild wonderful west virginia


big sandy/roderfield,welch

Local Favorites:


I Belong To:

my husband & GOD!! you cant get into heaven being a FAKE! you can go to church & pretend & have them like you but God still knows the real you..

Read My Forum Posts Because:

i try to not be negative or ugly,always help out

I'm Listening To:

gns turning into my mother lol

Read This Book:

crossing over by john edward

Favorite Things:

marriage,phillies/braves baseball,caring for stray cats,tv.traveling

On My Mind:

my wonderful husband,he is just great and my daughter my angel amanda faith wooten 8-2-83

I Believe In:

miracles,i am one!! love at first site.seeing my family again and having them around me now.winning the lottery some day.meeting god, i hope i do.