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Nov 6, 2008

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Dyer, IN

Teens accused of robbing couple at gunpoint

ATTEMPTED MURDER: Personally who cares about the two idiots that robbed the couple. Let's worry about the couple! How are they? Can they walk down the street at night anymore, can they walk anywhere anymore? This 2 punks ruined or at least damaged 2 innocent peoples lives. What if this was your wife, mom, daughter, aunt? - How does that sit with you? This was a one flinch away from murder and the two basketball slums should be charged with it, anyone who disagrees can visit them in jail. Pete  (Nov 12, 2008 | post #22)

Dyer, IN

The Ghetto Slum that is Sauk Village Picture 3

Thanks I think if we all thunk (Word?) like that problems would be minimal. Wondering the neighbors who are afraid to speak, elder? That would be the problem. I had the neighborhood guy always on his porch yappin' everyday to everyone. Always outside - the nosey know it all type. a couple years before the 42nd street incident, I lost yet another car stereo. He was on his porch, I ran up to him and asked. He said he didn't see anything. I was a teenager at the time. But didn't care, I was like Ted you are out here all day and didn't see anything? you gotta be kidding me! Well at that time, I did call the cops, they came quick and took me through Kelly Park, actually picked up a dude on a bike (someone elses description), but since ted wouldn't say anything they let him go!!! ARGH! Talk about a nice area back in the day - Archer and California, Pulaski, Cicero. Try walking down the street at night in Kelly Park now - you would have about 50 gangbangers up your booty in no time. Wish there was something i could do - all i can do now is protect my surroundings. Good luck SV - bring light to the dark. It only takes one voice to make a difference.  (Nov 11, 2008 | post #41)

Dyer, IN

The Ghetto Slum that is Sauk Village Picture 3

SV, We are obviously on the same page here. I agree with why should we rely on only ourselves to protect our neighborhoods?, we pay taxes and we should have police protection (at least semi) Again, where are the police if someone doesn't call them? Oh yeah writing petty traffic tickets making the easy money ~ Smooth! Side note: I remember a day when I had my car stereo stolen on 42nd street. I made a cardboard cut out and stuck it peeking out my blinds at 20 years old - come to think of it, I didn't call the police. If they cared, would my neighborhood got so bad? Was it funding or scared? I moved to Dyer to start a new happy life, I have a little one, great big dogs, awesome wife - I will protect my family, friends and my neighbors with my life. Another tangent: One day living in Highland 2 years ago. I know all my neighbors. Julie was out of town for the weekend and she had me keep an eye on the house. So on a Saturday evening well morning (late night playing a show w/ band.) I saw someone in her window, sure enough someone was in her house! I had my wife hold her cell at 911. I took a large flash light and started banging on the windows. A large man and woman came to the door. I yelled who are you! WHO ARE YOU! It was her sister and husband, I didn't believe - I didn't know she gave access to the house. She brought me her ID - lol I scared the poop outta them! Hey gotta protect the neighborhood. The couple inside was Caucasian - like I said I am colorblind. ah the memories! Pete  (Nov 11, 2008 | post #39)

Dyer, IN

The Ghetto Slum that is Sauk Village Picture 3

Gotcha NWI. I am familiar with white flights and neighborhoods that get loaded with gangs. I grew up South side Chicago mostly 35th - 79th (Harlem - California) street(s) where are my stomping grounds. I can't even visit some old houses without getting harassed. Nothing i could back then, I was a kid. If someone does not stand up to gangs, violence graffiti, by reporting and confronting you will lose your neighborhood. I am an adult now and will totally make sure - if riffraff come into my neighborhood causing trouble, it will be handled that day! FYI - I am color blind.  (Nov 10, 2008 | post #37)

Dyer, IN

The Ghetto Slum that is Sauk Village Picture 3

Thanks Armstrong, I appreciate it. It is funny how one can be a cyberbully - I am 100 percent positive, this type of person would not dare cross you in real life. Isn't there more to life than complaints? Read Joel Olsteen's new(er)book, he can help you be a positive person. Pete  (Nov 9, 2008 | post #35)

Dyer, IN

The Ghetto Slum that is Sauk Village Picture 3

NWI from SV, Nice guess on why I may have moved, but your wrong. Okay you Win, You're right! Move away quickly let & your neighborhood get run down. Actually, keep running from all your problems seems to work, ay? Now you can safely sit on the internet and bitch about it - impressive! Wondering what doctor did you go to, to fix yourself?  (Nov 7, 2008 | post #30)

Dyer, IN

Dyer keeps watch for coyotes

Question will Coyotes attack - either of my boxer dogs? I know nothing about coyote, former city boy. Thanks, Pete  (Nov 7, 2008 | post #2)

Dyer, IN

The Ghetto Slum that is Sauk Village Picture 3

Um instead of taking pictures - knock and the door and help the family out, ya retard! I am from Chicago all of our garages looked similar...but we would help neighbors out and fix up the neighborhood together! I bet the picture taker was the type of person in high school that told people they were ugly or fat - then became both!  (Nov 6, 2008 | post #28)

US Politics

obama elected 44th president

Congrats on making us a Blue state Obama! You will do great!  (Nov 6, 2008 | post #4772)

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