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Sep 7, 2012

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Clearwater, FL

finding my US relatives

Hi, My name is Peter van den Berg and I'm browsing through the internet to find relatives who moved to Detroit in the early years of last century and may have moved to clearwater in 1940's or 50's I tried the whitepages, ancestry gave me some clues upto the 1950's but I'm still unsure if there are people living today. Could someone help me how to go about or maybe you know some one with the same familyname. Just for your information: During my search I found out that a sister of my great grandfather went to Wayne county Detroit Michigan, married and got 3 children. The sister of my great grandfather: Jeannette Evelina van den Berg (born 1885 - Rotterdam) married 1915 naturalized in 1917 Peter Huis(peter House) (born 1891- the Netherlands) (toolmaker at ford motor company) the got 3 children (one of them died as an infant) Peter (jo) Huis/House (Detroit, Wayne, Michigan) 1924 Jeannette Huis/House (Detroit, Wayne, Michigan) 1918 So actually I'm looking for people with the "Huis" or "House" familyname. Peter had probably a sister called Lilla who moved to clearwater aswell. many thanks. Peter  (Sep 7, 2012 | post #1)