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Jun 5, 2013

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Gilmer, TX

warning for gilmer christians

There is a storm brewing within your city and you probably have no idea. Christians are being persecuted in city government. Attacks from the enemy are vicious, continued on a daily basis for a few "select" city employees within Gilmer. Do you care dear Christian? You better because the attack is just the beginning. The instigator sits atop the city, like a gargoyle. Tossing out verbal abuse, threats of job loss and slandering of our faith. Think this is happening in some liberal city? Think again! It's happening within the city limits of Gilmer, Tx. Men and women are fighting a battle for their lives and their reputations within your city. Fighting against evil that is spiritual, emotional and very physical. Evil has a face and a name. Start questioning Gilmer-ites. Ask around. Seek out information. Find out who is against Christ and who is using their power for their own gain. A man with a napoleon complex is loose among you. Terrorizing good people. Throwing their weight around like shackles at Christians beneath them. Wondering why it's not public knowledge? People are in fear. It's hard not to fear even though Jesus is our King and He is our strength. At the end of the day we are still human....they are still human. Their attacker is vile and wants to keep it all wrapped up in a nice bow. Tidy and neat. Swept under the "good ol' boy" rug. Except....the Good ol' Boys of Upshur County KNOW who Jesus is. Respect who the King is. If this kind of persecution can happen right here in the heart of East Texas . . . we are truly losing the war against this world and it's ruler, Satan. PRAY WARRIORS! These people are being attacked on all levels. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Their careers and reputations are on the line all because this sad, pretentious man with a huge ego has declared war on the Christians doing their jobs within the City. Important job. Jobs that mean life and death to some. Jobs that are of much more importance than his. Jobs that serve the citizens of Gilmer. Wake up people! Wake up and do something before this vendetta driven megalomaniac causes serious gaps and holes in your city and it's safety. You've been warned Gilmer! A Concerned Friend  (Jun 5, 2013 | post #1)