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May 5, 2014

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Will Ukraine crisis derail Russia's southern gas pipeline?

Greetings from Spain! Being a part of joint European family here we raise our hands up for russian gas and further cooperation between the EU and Russia but expelling Ukraine shortly. Hope a day is to come and our gas pipelines will be connected to German ones which receive Russian gas, as we want to receive gas also from Russia what is for sure more reliable and cheaper than the one we receive now from Algeria..., a nation under continuous civil war between francophones and moslems (unfortunately Ukraine is stepping evidently the same rotten path). The initiative to bypass Kiev here cannot but sounds promising enough. It is a golden rule in any sphere of making business: the less agents there are between a consumer and his supplier the clearer, more confident and far going partnership they both do have. The other day dying soviet old gas-transport systems... plus the ongoing deep political and economical crisis... plus the civil war from day to day being followed with those openly terroristic promises to blow up gas pipelines... - sorry, but this Ukraine, I mean in its current shape, is not a reliable partner at all! Kiev should be bypassed.  (May 5, 2014 | post #2)