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Jul 24, 2012

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Boardman, OH

Baby Doll Dance Canceled Due To Mechanical Problem

Is there a state agency (preferably the fire marshal's office) that inspects the baby-doll prior to it being used as a fireworks display? It concerns me, as it should concern everyone that goes out of their way to attend such an event, that had this papier-mached monstrosity fallen apart during the finale of its fireworks display, whereas class 1.3g fireworks (permit required) are shot out of a mortar tube more than one hundred feet into the air that many, many people would have been injured, possibly killed had the head or arms fallen off and into the crowd. It’s scarey, isn’t it? Is it worth it to you to lose an eye or a limb as you watch an ‘un-inspected’, un-regulated one-hundred year old ‘Baby Doll’ dance? Or, how would you like to have your five year old son or daughter, niece or nephew’s face burnt off while perusing the activities held at a local festival due to the town, city or villages total disregard of safety measures? Like many small town festivals Lowellville seems to have a separate set of rules and regulations when it comes to making money for their goombah’s, especially in the disregard department towards the safety and welfare measures it has in place to protect its citizens. It was just last year when, in honoring Mother Mary or Lady Madonna mistress of the Mt. Carmel festival, half the town was slowly making it's annual march up Washington St. and onto Jackson when a truck loaded with ice for the festival lost its brakes as it made its way down a very steep hill leading towards the festival. Due to the incompetence of the villages officials no one had bothered blocking off the top of that dangerously steep hill that led directly into the parade of innocent marchers. You would think that we would have learned by now that nepotism breeds a loss of foresight and it is directly because of this that many people could have been killed that day as the truck lost its brakes, or the recent evening the baby-dolls head fell off. The driver, who unselfishly drove his truck directly into a wall rather than into a crowd of people, who was willing to give up his life in order to save others was never honored as a hero, but instead charged with failure to control his vehicle. It should make you very wary of towns like this that place greed before the safety of its public.  (Jul 24, 2012 | post #1)