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Feb 6, 2013

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Unleashing People Potential Through Assessment Developmen...

People Metrics Pvt. Ltd., is pleased to announce ‘The Assesor Certification Programe' from 11th to 15th March, 2013 in Delhi. This program will help you- To develop an indepth understanding of assessment center methodology, tools and techniques. To build capability for competency based assessments and evaluation. To develop capability in observing individual performance in simulated situations and translate related behaviors. To build capability to make accurate and informedassessment s. To hone skills and knowledge required to undertake objective and professional assessment. It also involves- Understanding competency frameworks, aligning tools and creating related behavorialevidence classifying the evidence and preparing assessment report. Providing constructive assessment feedback to participants and creating individual development plan. Live assessment center simulation comprising of BEI, group activities, role-play, case studies followed by moderated discussions. Post program assignments and audit. Should you require any further information/clarif ication, please feel free to call us at 07428153037 Looking forward towards your participation. Regards, Shishir Verma  (Feb 21, 2013 | post #1)