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Aug 22, 2012

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Coal City, IL


I love how the people here in Coal City and surrounding areas like to bash every business and person that's here in this town....Hey let's talk crap about everybody. Let's support NO ONE. Let's all be complete jerks to one another. I'm sure half the posts about rachettis and other businesses are from competitive business owners anyway. Personally, I like the food. The beef sandwich is great and so are some of the salads. Never been refused service. Have I had to wait? No longer than any other restaurant such as Chili's or even Piazza in town. Have they messed up my order? No. Were they rude? No. Is it expensive? for the amount of food you get? No. Is the owner there all the time? I have no idea, I've never had to ask. They have local kids and young people working there doing their best. This I know because I'm a member of the community. SO...Great Job Rachetti's! Keep up the good work. I like your food a lot!  (Aug 24, 2012 | post #29)