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Jun 24, 2007

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Venezuela considers buying Russian subs

Do you deny that the IDB is at odds with Chavez? yes or no?  (Sep 28, 2007 | post #57)

Chavez Seeks End To Term Limits

An emotional tree hugger. LOL! And no, he's not buying me off bozo. "chavez has not lifted the standard of living of Venezuela's poor." There you go with the bald faced lies again. It doesn't matter how many sock-puppets you post up to claim they support you 100%, you can't hide to the rest of the readers your nonstop LIES. Venezuela's poor have had their standard of living raised dramatically. As I said before, THAT IS WHY THEY LOVE HIM OVER THERE. You say he's buying everyone off then in the same breathe you claim he hasn't increased their standard of living? Then how has he "bought them off?" Moron, you contradict yourself. And Chavez has the money to spend. His country is flush with massive oil profits from the oil boom. Money that now goes to aid the poor, not a handful of rich. And he's creating universal healthcare which will include hospitals, etc. How will he "lose nurses to the private sector" when before all there WAS was a private sector? Moron, you contradict yourself once more. When all you have are put downs and lies, I think you would really be better off just shutting the fuck up. You're just wasting your time and mine.  (Sep 28, 2007 | post #206)

Chavez Seeks End To Term Limits

Treason, tell me why is Chavez so popular still after 7 years? Bush sure as hell isn't. Clinton sure as hell wasn't. Why is Chavez so popular to this day? I'll tell you why: because the largest economic class of people in Venezuela are the very poor (who outnumber all other economic classes in Venezuela combined) and their average household income has increased 53% (33% in real terms) since Chavez nationalized the oil industry. The reason for that is the huge social programs, called Missions, that give fee medical care, inexpensive food, educational opportunities, and stipends to millions of people. The Missions were begun under Chavez and he has spent Venezuela’s oil windfall funding them with billions and billions of dollars. It is this cash and non-cash assistance that has undoubtedly played a major role in the dramatic increase in the standard of living of Venezuela’s poor. Prior to that, the wealth of the nations resources only benefited the few at the top and all that money went into offshore bank accounts of the rich who sucked their country dry like the leeches they are. But you don't like to talk about those things because you don't like to point out the excesses of the Ayn Randian laizzes faire capitalism that was rampant prior to Chavez.  (Sep 19, 2007 | post #197)

Venezuela considers buying Russian subs

I already KNEW he was a respected harvard professor. Respected by neocons and the oil industry and the bankers. WTF does his status of "respected " mean? Are you DENYING he was the former chief economist at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)? Just yes or no. Are you denying this?  (Sep 19, 2007 | post #53)

Venezuela considers buying Russian subs

You haven't responded to ONE SINGLE POINT. You're a waste of time. Go babble to someone else.  (Sep 18, 2007 | post #51)

Chavez Seeks End To Term Limits

I guess these facts are so incontrovertible that even the most trollish right wing name caller would rather this post just fade away than face up to the facts?  (Sep 17, 2007 | post #191)

Venezuela considers buying Russian subs

Lol, it always comes down to either "go there and see for yourself" or "you must live in Venezuela and don't know what freedom really is". When are you ever going to actually repond to the points I've made? Oh yeah, you can't. I suppose that's why right wingers (even those who claim they're NOT right wingers), always end up resorting to namecalling. And no, I'm not a socialist. I believe in mixed economies, as I've already explained, but that seems to go right over your head, so whatever.  (Sep 17, 2007 | post #48)

Chavez Offers Billions in Latin America -

Spending more isn't the same thing as GETTING more healthcare. your point?  (Sep 17, 2007 | post #15)

Venezuela considers buying Russian subs

Of course you would take his word, quite blindly I might add, over the word of the international observers who audited the election and found it to be legitimate. Or over the words of all the other independent experts who found Hausmann's report to be exceedingly unlikely. It's all some grand, vast conspiracy by everyone in the world to hold up Chavez and the FACT that Hausmann is connected with the IDB couldn't have anything to do with him creating a biased report. You know, like the FACT that most neocons have at one time or another been suspected or charged with espionage for Israel couldn't have anything to do with thier being biased on how they cherry picked Iraq prewar intelligence? No. You believe him over THE REST OF THE WORLD because you HAVE to. Or else your entire pile of steaming hot bullshit is exposed for what it is, a pack of worthless, SELF SERVING lies.  (Sep 17, 2007 | post #45)

Chavez Offers Billions in Latin America -

Let's take a closer look at your philosophy that individual self-interest should take priority over the welfare of the community shall we? Where has that gotten us? Is it in Kaiser's self-interest to provide affordable healthcare to all Americans? No. It is not. It is in their self-interest to make as much money as possible. Is it in the healthcare industry's best self-interest that as many people be healthy or that they be sick? Sick of course, because the more healthy people are, the less money to be made off sick people. Is it in your HMO's best self interest to pay out for the expensive surgery you need to get better or is it in their best self interest to put you off and deny your claim? Is it in SOCIETY'S best self-interest as a whole that our society be healthy and productive or sick and ailing? You see, SOCIETY'S best self interest is ALWAYS overriding of the self-interest of the individual. Because what ever is best for the WHOLE is best for each part of the whole. You believe in the philosophy of greed.  (Sep 17, 2007 | post #13)

Chavez Offers Billions in Latin America -

Dear God, do you really believe that shit? Where to begin? The Individual is the key to a successful society? Get a fucking clue buddy! Humans are SOCIAL animals. We have ALWAYS lived in GROUPS. It's how we evolved to become masters of the planet. COOPERATION is what put us where we are today. Working together gives us advantages that simply don't exist if it's every man for himself. You've heard the old cliche, there's no I in TEAM? Well, it's fucking true! Bill Gates didn't do what he did on his own. It took INFRASTRUCTURE to allow Gates to become rich. (You say you're not a conservative then you spout off the entire conservative right wingnut creed. Like I said, when your lips move, you're LYING.) Well, like all conservatives, you completely overlook the value of something as simple as a system of roads and highways in creating business opportunities. Every single day, conservatives – like all of the rest of us – make use of technology created by or with the assistance of government. Their computers, TV sets, telephones all make use of microchips first developed by engineers working for government contractors. They make use of communication satellites, placed in orbit by government engineers and techniicians. They use materials and technology developed at public universities with government funding. And you're completely oblivious to all of it! don't even appreciate all of the commerce and economic stimulation made possible by government assistance and infrastructure for the benefit of wage earners. What sort of economy would we have without the minimum wage and unions creating vast markets for goods produced in capitalist business enterprises. What would our construction industry look like without FHA guaranteed mortgages? You say you don't know what a mixed economy means? It's a mix of socialized services and captitalist enterprises. EVERY nation on the CIA's list of the 20 wealthiest nations has a mixed social/capitalist economy. AMERICA is a mixed economy. We have SOCIALIZED fire departments because privatized (ie corporatized) fire departments were an abject failure back in the 1800s, resulting in whole American cities being destroyed by fire. Never mind that you have SOCIALIZED police protection, SOCIALIZED highway and bridge construction. Your taxes pay for a great many things that make our society function more efficiently than if we privatized them. But even more things, like healhcare and banking, would work more efficiently if we stopped privatizing them.  (Sep 5, 2007 | post #8)

Chavez Warns of Resistance War With U.S.

Hey, I totally agree with you that the firefighters shouldn't be forced to participate in a gay parade. But that has nothing to do with what the right really means when they rant on their favorite meme of "less Government". What they mean is less government interference in corporate profiteering. Less environmental regulations. Less labor laws. Less safety regulations. Less government oversight into any shady dealings and stock manipulations. And while it was true that governments were mans worst enemy back before the Revolutionary War. Since then, CORPORATIONS have replaced Kingdoms as the bane of all mankind. Corporate Feudalism is what we should all be fighting against. And those items on my list of "less government" conservative paradise ARE what conservatives hate the most. Conservatives ARE anti-union. Anti-safety net, anti-everything on that list. And nowhere will you find one a nation that is also against all those things that is anything but a third world shithole. Nowhere. So don't play semantics. Some things work better socialized and some things don't. Education, healthcare, etc. are better off run by the government. but you're so fucking AFRAID of the government that you can't believe this. It's sad, really, that the people who would enslave you have brainwashed you so completely.  (Aug 30, 2007 | post #221)

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