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Aug 11, 2010


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Buy Diazepam Online Cheap UK Stock

Can somebody give me an email address or web site for me to buy real Diaz. cheap. and best if they accept pay pal or cash. ( UK ) Hard to find good cheap Diaz. I was fed up with the FAKE Roche from the Pakistan, Roche factory Thanks.  (Mar 7, 2012 | post #468)

Golden, CO

Election Poll, Sept 2011 - Golden, CO

i am against gay marriage. It is not in the bible, if all the world was gay the human race would be wiped out. also gay MEN have to flaunt their gay ness TOO MUCH, straight people are NOT exhibishnents. Most gay men are attention seekers. I am in London and hav gay mates, but some othe gays are far too IN YR FACE ! i AM NO PRUDEM BUT SICK OF ott gay men.  (Sep 22, 2011 | post #2)


Hi Nath69....I have been searching the parent company that makes Pax Diaz and Sandoz Diaz for the "vague "? midnite moonlite aussie sit, they have plants in South Africa and Global too; Sandoz is an old pharma firm been goin over 100 hundred yrs as per Wiki info and Sandoz are linked to the famous Novartis pharma firm and make Generic Dia etc for Aspan Pharmacare Sth Africa....BUT and a BIG BUT ........ I can't find anyone with legit feed back for midnite moonlight......... the meds can't come from their Aussie plants as Aussie customs are tighter than a Ducks arse ( excuse my Patwa my bredwyns ).........spelt wrong ? for a peckham woman lol. The jury is still out ? I have seen iffy people posting info but have same links/ names maybe Shillin? ? it's a minefield in the world of decent benzo etc sites.....hmmmmmmm mmm ? I will keep clear of South Africa links at the mo ( midnite moonlight for the moment ) until I get back from my Honeymoon in Cape Town...if I get back alive ? ooooh ! Any "real" feed back plse let me know if u have bought from Midnite and have rec'd decent goods shipped to UK, and prompt delivery. Thanks Peckham Lady xxxxxxxxx  (Nov 16, 2010 | post #17)


Hi has anyone got any feed back / info on www.midnightmoon.c aussie website, are they the real deal ? they have Pax and Sandoz Diaz for sale. Any info appreciated; are they scammers ? Thanks Peckham Lady London , GB ( There are other Towns and Cities called London in our big world, hence I have put GB; before the Topix Geography police moan at me lol )  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #1)

how to start my own thread

www.midnightmoon.c Any feedback plse ? Australian web site selling Diaz etc. They have Pax Diaz.  (Nov 15, 2010 | post #7)

I am from Peckham, originally from Brixton and Stockwell,I am lol true,why lie.secret ph. Hav scammed, than £30 plus £3p from Secret as we all know £30 a mths wage for average bod on Pakistan unless yr from a high caste family lol Proof in the pudding>> am i realy from Peckham ? too true ! Why doubt me ? I am not OB ( old bill ! ) CAN ANYONE ELSE ...WHO IS NOT WORKING FOR SECRET PHARMA.CO , VOUCH FOR A GOOD FAST DEAL FOR STAR DIAZ 5MG ? APPRECIATE ANY GO FEED BACK.........OR IT'S A LONG FIRM RIP OFF FIRM ? UNLESS U CAN PROVE ME WRONG XXXXXXXXXXX UNTIL MORE FEEDBACK FROM SECRET PH BODS I WOULD AVOID THAT FIRM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO UK BANK TO SEND FUNDS TOO EITHER ! LONG PROCESS .........AND SCAMMED A AN AQUAINTANCE OF MINE GOOD NITE LOVE PECKHAM LADY AKA MI5 AND MI6 ..JOKE LOL  (Nov 13, 2010 | post #56)

I have heard from a guy in North England via a mate, that SECRET PHARMA ARE SCAMMERS !!!!!!!. he sent his money and no goods arrived, they are not answering his emails . i emailed secret pharma 4 ? days ago, they sent me an order number...that was it...NO info where to send to western union dosh ! Then 3 days later they sent me info to end the money to mr alogobo ali bla bla some pakistani name, and location Lahore ( Pakistan ) I didnt send a penny.... i emailed them to ask if they accept uk bank tfrs, if they have a uk bank ? ( like HPM do ) Secret have not replied...admin so bad, and I tonite was told they are SCAMMERS SECRET PHARMA £30 FOR 1000 STAR DIAZ 5MG PLUS £30 SHIPPING TO UK.  (Nov 12, 2010 | post #48)

Hi " Somebody " I agree with you, that there is NO WAY " Triffin " could have received his goods from that quick ! Pakistan items take over a week at least ! they dont use express DHL etc , thats too dear for their profits on the cheap star £30 , ok, shipping on top £30 a rip off ! but that's how all these "home made pharma firms"...if u can call them firms lol they make their money, shipping at £30 a pop ! Also with the recent parcel bombs alerts at East Midlands & USA, UK are scanning &checking a lot more parcels from Pakistan re AlQueda parcel bombs, as u know all parcels from Yeman are now banned to uk re the parcel bombs, cargo saga all on the news last week 1st Nov 2010, I know someone who uses a diff pakistan pharma firm....HPM, even HPM parcels are taking longer from Pakistan re the back log of extra parcel scanning & Pakistan being on the terrorist hit list with M16 etc .. As we all know, we have all been scammed at some point, SADLY ! I could strangle the scammers! I don't know if secret pharma are scammers? cos mixed reviews on topix, but fake reviews ON HERE too by secretpharma workers to entice u in to their web, also good point by the guy on this topix that their website is so new re codes etc ( I am not a techy bod ) but glad the above guy is. Diaz are so cheap to make, even UK NHS precription Diazeepam are cheap to buy on a private uk prescription, I was lucky and got my private doc to do me private health (bupa ) prescs, it was just £4.00 from my local chemist for 60 uk made yells 5mg Diaz, the Valium trade mark/ patent expired yrs ago ! so the mugs who buy trade name Valium for mega pounds are silly, UK Diaz are the same a USA Trade name Valium, Diaz... Valium invented in the early 60's by Dr Leo Sternbach who worked for Roche USA, beware of the fake Roche diaz 10mg blisters, moody, I rang Roche pakistan lol to check batch numbers ! the fakers are using legit Roche pakistan batch numbers, not hard to get a real batch number, jut find an old lady in Pakistan who is on REAL Roche pakistan Diaz & copy her batch numbers. As u know Roche have factories all over the world. I have jumped subjects here lol.... but I still dont know if secret pharma a legit ? a someone else said on here, they may do a LONG FIRM job !! do good real orders for 2 mths etc. & when genuine punters like u & I leave good feedback , others will buy from secret pharma, & secret pharma then could do one big SCAM and keep all yr money, I know if u use westi union yr card i safe lol, but no comeback on westi if yr goods dont arrive ! Also how can u tell west uni what u have bought ? vitamins ? also, I think ? u r presciption for Diaz as i do need them health...panick attacks anxiety, I am not an addict, or alchy, if Diaz are meant to be SO BAD why do legit Pharma firms still make them ? more people die in UK from Cigs and booze ! FACT , but uk govmnt LOVE TAX & DUTY on cigs & booze or UK wld being even more bankrupt than it is ! Greedy MP' & their exps scandels, they are scammers too, tax payers money ! MY money I am a genuine searcher for real DIAZ at reasonable prices & NO scammers please, it's a minefield out there ! easier to buy a gun in UK, true, where i grew up u can buy a gun ! before M15 turn up at my door, I have never bought a gun ! i just want some diaz for genuine health reasons. Sorry i have had to cut thi msge badly a too it wont make sense now, as i ran out of characters. Rgds, genuine woman ! fed up with scammers/ and searching for honest firms !  (Nov 8, 2010 | post #42)

As anyone used Secret Pharma before?

Hi Nathan, it's She lol. I just typed in a google search for secret pharma reviews , and yr topix came up. I am going to sort something today. Hope Charlies op went ok ! mail u later She xx  (Nov 8, 2010 | post #2)

can anyone help me find " real " diaz ?

Hi I am fed up with the fake Diaz,Pak, Karachi, Roche doing the fake rounds by cheeky scammers. Can anyone help me find real Diaz. UK made one's or presc, or any real European one's. Been scammed 3 times, and almost giving up ! peckhamlady(at)hus hmail(dot)com Thanks for any help. ps not the dear usa web sites that flog for 300 dollars, thats crazy lol. I am in the London area.  (Aug 17, 2010 | post #2)

Who is an atheist?

Hello professor, I am so glad that you quoted that story about Mary ( Mariam ) and the Roman soldier etc. as I have heard it before, and I am glad you say the same story. Sadly the bible is a book of Chinese whispers, it'e been translated from Hebrew to ancient Greek and Latin and to old English and modern English, over 2000 yrs old...some " true " ? story that must be lol It's all a "fairy tale" for people who have no confidence with themselves and the natural world and don't believe in the basic rules of science. I am SURE I am going to get a lot of stick for this posting, but Freedom of speech is legal in the UK, a democratic society. IF WE All AGREED ON THE SAME THINGS THE WORLD WOULD BE A BORING PLACE...but not as many war's if people didnt argue about religion's. Darwin was right...evolution is still alive and happening today. Peckham Lady, London , Great Britain ( well sadly it's not so Great here anymore , so I will put UK not GB ..Great Britain )  (Aug 12, 2010 | post #3950)

Who is an atheist?

I agree with you. I am an evolutionist. Darwin was right. Also most / nearly all ? the wars in the world are over religion. ( Did Mary have a Turkey baster when she concieved ? )  (Aug 11, 2010 | post #3878)


Hello does anyone have an email address for the real Mc Coy ? Diaz . I am fed up with scammers and Pakistan fakes ! Pay pal best for me ? I need to chill............. Thanks  (Aug 11, 2010 | post #1)

any real diaz in uk

Hello Does anyone know of any REAL Diaz in the uk , I am fd up with the fake Roche doing the rounds ! they even have real batch numbers on ! lol. The websites that charge lots of dosh thanks... Mothers little helpers ? but where ? and how ? I prefer pay pal. I need to chill in this mad world...any help ? Thanks ( London )  (Aug 11, 2010 | post #1)