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Apr 9, 2012

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Ice Hockey

Do they make a sound? And do the fans even hear?

I can only recall EVER seeing one or two Thrashers fans ever inhabiting this section (one of which I just saw recently and hope he responds to this not-so-nice Q.) ANYWAY, my question is, if the Atlanta Thrashers play another poor season in the poor history of the poor franchise, do people even notice? There's gotta be at least some season ticket holders, RIGHT? Someone cares about this team, RIGHT? They don't exactly have empty arenas for games, so someone's out there, right? Then where are they? (and this is coming from a Tampa [Bay so the Clearwater people don't get pissed at me] fan. In no way is this the all-too-familiar attack on Southern hockey.) [url=http://www.nh lcheapjerseyshop.c om/los-angeles-kin gs-c-14.html]Alexe i Kovalev Red Home 27# Montreal Canadiens NHL Jersey[/url].  (Apr 27, 2012 | post #1)

Ice hockey and is interested in starting up again. What s...

I played for 3 years between 6th-8th grades. I am now a sophmore and i havent played since. What should i do and where should i go to get good enough to join my HS team? My HS team is very bad and is desperatley seeking members. I live in the Walpole Ma area if that helps. [url=http://www.nh lcheapjerseyshop.c om/toronto-maple-l eafs-c-31.html]Tor onto Maple Leafs Jerseys[/url]  (Apr 20, 2012 | post #1)

Ice Hockey

When does the high school ice hockey season start?

I am writing a story and my characters (a teenage boy who is 17 and a teenage girl who is 17) both play high school ice hockey. The story is set in Minnesota at a high school where the main sport is ice hockey. I need to know when it starts and how long it goes for and when it ends. I really don't know a lot about ice hockey and so any other information will be good. I've played field hockey and so know how to play and the positions if they are the same. Thanks.  (Apr 12, 2012 | post #1)