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Mar 2, 2014

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Hello all. I am not in HR but I would really like some of your advice. There is a possibility that I may be able to land a 6 month, possibly more, contract with Mercury Marine (Brunswick) as a level 1 network engineer. A little background on me: 1. Recent graduate (May 2013) with an AAS in networking. 2. Presently work FT in a factory environment. Complete with benefits. No room for advancement. 3. I have some experience (2 months) imaging and deploying roughly 50 workstations. Organization was upgrading from XP to 7 and needed help. I had to image pc's from a network image, set up exchange server email accts, join pc's to domain, backup/migrate user(s) file(s), map network drives/printers and help with some desktop support duties. 4. Married, no kids. However, I have a house payment and car payment and all related bills that come with home ownership. 5. Have had a difficult time landing my first job. I believe it has a lot do with lack of experience, as some of the people I graduated with, already have jobs because they were able to help out in the schools computer dept. My question(s) are: 1. If you were in the same financial situation, what would you do? 2. Is 6-8 months of professional experience enough to land a career in the support/networking field? I realize that I have to make the final decision here, I am just wondering if this would get me enough experience to justify leaving a FT job with my current financial situation. I would really, really like to hear from some of the individuals that do hiring in their companies on this as well, as I believe they would give me some valuable insight here. Or, from some of you who have been in similar situations and survived. LOL Thank you for any replies you care to offer.  (Mar 2, 2014 | post #1)