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Dec 27, 2008

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Orlando Sentinel

Python strangles child: Death in Sumter County.

Yum! Bet ol’ Frank has some tasty recipes for cookin’ up possum and squirrel over a can of sterno!  (Jul 1, 2009 | post #135)

Orlando Sentinel

Rattlesnake bites Central Florida man

What? you mean the snakes bite because they have been drinking too much!? LOL!  (Jul 1, 2009 | post #12)

Orlando Sentinel

Casey Anthony's tattoo artist speaks out

This is actually peculiar to have a “story” like this in the paper. I mean is it THAT slow of a news day? This tat dude is not exactly some grand harbinger of news, now is he. I guess maybe the paper just couldn’t fill the ad space, so they decided to put this non-story in. I’m just on pins and needles waiting for the next huge breaking story from a 7-11 clerk on what flavor Slurpee little miss Killsey bought!  (Jun 24, 2009 | post #254)

Orlando Sentinel

Funeral director accused of dumping human organs

I only hope the victims families in this case were notified BEFORE this story ran, but I somehow dobut that was the case.  (Jun 16, 2009 | post #15)

Orlando Sentinel

No pandemic affect expected for air traffic

Once AND A while? Oh please, and I thought I had seen (or read) it all! It will not be long before we see the "reporter " write something like "I AXED the victim if he done been hurt, and he done tole me..." It is getting more difficult to distinguish which died first; journalism or grammar.  (Jun 11, 2009 | post #6)

Orlando Sentinel

WHO concern at rise in Australia, Canada swine flu cases;...

Oh my msm is just feeling that warm tingle up their collective leg over the “P” word! Pandemic! The sky is falling! They finally got what they wanted! They have been salivating for WHO to use the “P” word for so long now. OK, a pandemic simply means something is/has spread over a large geographic area instead of staying localized. With air travel the common cold is actually be labeled a “Pandemic.” However the msm seems to be titillated by the word, and will use it in every way possible to frighten the sheeple that let the media do their thinking for them. It sells papers, boosts ratings. How about the big scary numbers from the article; “On Wednesday, WHO said 74 countries had reported nearly 27,737 cases of swine flu, including 141 deaths. The agency has stressed that most cases have been mild and required no treatment…” We’ll average this out in a minute, but the money quote after the facts (if one can believe the msm will actually provide FACTS) is the scare tactic to keep the sheeple on the edge of their seats… “…but the fear is that a rash of new infections could overwhelm hospitals and health authorities — especially in poorer countries.” OH! Sounds so frightening I’m going to lock myself away in a big plastic hamster bubble! If we average the facts from the first part of the statement it tells us that H1N1 has produced and average of 375 cases PER country, and of those cases, the fatality rate is 2.7 people per country. When you break it down, doesn’t sound nearly as “End of the world, kiss your a)ss goodbye” as the msm wants you to think. Is H1N1 real? Of course. Is it a pandemic? Semantically, yes. Is it the end of the world? NOPE! Unfortunately, more people will probably die in car accidents today in the US than this flu has killed so far. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently, keep your fingers OUT of your nose, eyes or mouth, and you should do just fine. Use your brain logically, don’t let the msm think FOR you.  (Jun 11, 2009 | post #10)

Orlando Sentinel

Haleigh Cummings case: Mother of Haleigh Cummings closes ...

LOL, isn't that the most frightening pic of Okra Wimpy you've ever seen! Looks like someone just stole her Double-Double!  (Jun 9, 2009 | post #44)

Orlando Sentinel

Haleigh Cummings case: Mother of Haleigh Cummings closes ...

I really do have a feeling that there will have to be a "Ray Kronk" in this story to find the child's remains. I don't think any of the 3 parties involved is going to "Give up the ghost," as it were.  (Jun 9, 2009 | post #11)

Orlando Sentinel

Police: Ocoee man sexually abused girls over 5-year period

Totally agree, every time I see someone splashed in the media on molestation charges with only an accusation by the “victim” and no other evidence, I reflect back to the McMartin trial in California when an entire family’s life was ruined by the accusations of an insane mother and “coached” pre-schoolers by supposed “Professional” mental health providers. Now, if the story involves statements of facts, admissions, or other evidence in the way of proof one way or the other, then I might think differently. If you follow several cases of this type you do find out one obvious fact; sometimes parents and/or children DO make up molestation stories for whatever personal reasons they have. Based on what the msm is providing in this story, I will wait to make up my mind on this guy until more facts appear. If it turns out he’s guilty…off to jail with him. However, if he’s innocent, the msm has already ruined his life, and hopefully he will take the accusers and their parents to court.  (Jun 9, 2009 | post #40)

Orlando Sentinel

Haleigh Cummings case: Mother of Haleigh Cummings closes ...

This case is just TOO twisted for color TV. It appears that LE is running around in circles chasing their collective tails (although I’m sure that is NOT the case, or at least I hope not) the “father” is such a bizarre little twit, not to mention the twitette gal-pal and seemingly demented “mother.” This seems like another case that will never be solved unless someone unwittingly stumbles upon the remains of the little child, or one of the three “adults” involved gets high enough to let the truth slip out…  (Jun 9, 2009 | post #9)

Orlando Sentinel

Candy Spelling's book describes her wealthy life but dish...

Oh, I just can’t imagine how difficult it was on this poor dear traipsing through Europe with 50 pieces of Louis Vuitton luggage (har-d sided of course) following her every move. And, having to downsize to a condo THAT small, well, I shall just cry into my pillow every night for the poor darling! People just don’t understand how difficult life IS for a person that has more money than gawd! Tori, how DID you ever grow up to be such a nice, normal down-to-earth young lady??? I congratulate you! Give my love to Dean & the kids!  (Jun 9, 2009 | post #4)

Orlando Sentinel

Puerto Rico : Puerto Rico News and Photos

Looks like all is alive and well and doing business as usual in the god-biz! There is TONS of tax free money to be made in the god-biz, and when one of the "CEO's" gets caught with his pants around his ankles it's of little surpise to me anymore. Personally, I find more spritual people who are on a good moral path that are NOT involved in organized religion, AKA the god-biz.  (May 14, 2009 | post #20)

Orlando Sentinel

Swine flu: Students report flu-like symptoms after Disney...

Actually I'm more afraid of getting whacked by some nimrod yapping on his/her cell phone while driving merrily through a red light than I am about a naturally occuring variaiton of a disease that happens every year. There is somewhere around 36K people that die annualy from the flu or complications thereof. How man deaths of US citizens have occured? And no, the kid in Texas was a Mexican National who happened to be here with the sickeness and died here. If the media wants to continue its scare campaign, perhaps they should report how many Americans have died in 209 already from various strains of the flu and complication OTHER than this lastest swine flu. But,I guess THOSE deaths aren't important or as scary for the msm to report on or as able to be hyped up for the panic stricken masses who are screaming the sky is falling from swine flu!  (Apr 30, 2009 | post #25)

Orlando Sentinel

Lingerie football: All-female football league to play gam...

When they start having the guys playing just in their jocks and helmets, perhaps I'll get interested, this sound boring to me.  (Apr 25, 2009 | post #39)

Orlando Sentinel

Casey Anthony case: Cindy Anthony told detective Casey An...

Perhaps a squirrel did die in or on the car, but they didn’t find any evidence of the critter because his little squirrel buds quickly grabbed him and took him away to party like Weekend At Bernies. LOL! The pizza smell thing is pure BS as well. We accidently left half a pizza in a box in the back of our Explorer for 2 weeks while it sat in the Nevada sun. When we returned, the smell was awful, but it was just that, an awful rotten food smell, NOT anything close to the smell of a decomposing corpse, which unfortunately I have had prior knowledge of. Not even by the wildest stretch of the imagination could anyone confuse the two. Believe me, if we would have had a cadaver dog with us when we opened the door, the poor dog would have tossed its c)ookies, but it would have NEVER identified the vehicle as containing a corpse at one point in time.  (Apr 24, 2009 | post #361)

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