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Jun 15, 2011


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Rural Surrey crime-fighting scheme reaches milestone

UK judge those who are fighting, which is also in the country's politics. When they caught two foreigners example, to fray, England will aim to condemn both, not just one, whether one is innocent or guilty! I'm Pavel Petkov from Bulgaria ... I applied for asylum and was admitted to Cardiff in Arabi, and then I was transferred to Wrexham, the Arabs again that I make trouble - for this, I complained to police Kardiv and Wrexham - from police, they told me that my instances does not affect them, but it needs to be turned to emigration, to which, I complained to my instances without doing anything - what I have to do is ask!? If I get into a fight to defend, the police will put me back in prison But to me, if I'm tired and attack me I will begin to strike, in what I want to say that attacked me, I have to defend myself and for them it is also not true and it is not an excuse for England aims to put someone in jail hoping person to plead guilty and when a person pleads guilty, the State deports citizen I am convinced that this England was sentenced fairly citizens unfairly What England, accept it as the law of the fray, I can say that it is not in the rules and can not interpret the law for criminality ! . Unless there are a citizen to complain against someone that was attacked, then this case can be interpreted the law on crime ! To me it is interesting how it has adopted to fight the law, and a knife, how does this country is taking and how it is voted on first or second reading in the Parliament of England. I can also say that there are laws in the past and supplements, but does like England, which introduces what is not in the rules - I guess what they do, for safety reasons, and there is an order for which I am in agreement, but be respected, Laws and Human Rights For out more information about this and other related this and my problems in London, please follow the following link, which is as follows: Or go to google and write - Britain imposed a safeguard clause for Bulgaria World Law Direct http://www.gaystar kovpavel http://blog.yuku.c om/topic/6  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #1)

British public turning against LTTE refugees

I'm Pavel from Bulgaria. I applied for asylum and was transferred from Cardiff to Wrexham. "Wrexham Refugee Council" does not help me with anything and I'm not allowed but I put a ban instead of helping. "Wrexham Refugee Council" is located at Trinity House Trinity Street Wrexham LL11 1NL Someone can tell you - what are those people who is dealing with immigrants? For more information, please follow this link http://www.gaystar kovpavel  (Sep 20, 2012 | post #2)

Paris, TX

Word Association? Part II

INFORMATION FOR LONDON See this links, which is ; http://httpfaceboo OR Go to google and write - INFO LONDON PAVEL PETKOV  (Feb 8, 2012 | post #3742)

informacion london

Additions and previous to that information, and that was the date fixed for, 21/11/2011, in connection with allegations raised by them for scale model knife and slash the tree, the same day I went and ended 11.22.2011 and withdrew as charges, although I lost time and expenses to such courts. Now waiting for my passport and I hope I'm not turning to him last year. For more information on this and another related to it, and my problems in this country, please follow the links and any information which you will find information on all the links in London are described here http://profile.liv e0cf9b93/  (Nov 23, 2011 | post #1)

Information for London

England, insert innocent as me in prison and make them authority as long as they are guilty and makes the pleaded not guilty criminals who are not in actually and as they distort full rights as does not give them their work and social aid and finally person, such as me go from a prison as innocent , because they failed to make me come guilty and they refuse to me pay compensation and to me give work as restrictions for me to be dropped, which are placed on the Bulgarians and Romanians. This state is consider a terrorist number / 1 / one in Europe. Why I say England terrorist is it because it introduces innocent as me in prison and participate in Attacks . The attention of administrators, many please do not delete the information about London. I take full responsibility for their inventory and England will wait on what basis would I bring to justice, to expose the fact that their country. I am writing this because it is true, and if they condemn me for what is not fair, but I'll risk just have no other choice. What I write and will continue to describe the country and then because I want to know how in the world England violates human rights. For more information related to this please visit the websites which are as follows: http://profile.liv e0cf9b93/ Or go to and type in search INFO LONDON PAVEL PETKOV  (Oct 9, 2011 | post #1)

Information London and Guy's Hospital

I mean that we Bulgarians have no rights in England. I think we have rights as any citizen but in England we respected them. Why do I say this is it because since I registered with a doctor and an Englishman who shared my problem to him with this and requesting that I be operated in connection with my problem with the nose. The only doctor refers me to the consultation by making me wait for months. I do not speak much English because he only taught to speak their language. When I speak to them in English they understand me and I understand that only one of the doctor where I went to the consultation which was scheduled for 27 / 09/2011 at Guy's Hospital, and I do not understand one of the issues and she and I postponed I like them before pridopredih not speak enough languages ​&#8 203;and I am required translator, translator that I had the latest consultation. Fuck why not speak much English, and probably because I am from Bulgaria. This is a postponement in order to make it, someone like me to quit. For more information about my problems in London, please follow these sites are as follows: http://www.ipressc ad.php/823-Info-lo ndon?p=1323#post13 23 http://www.worldla human-rights/53745 -immigrate-england -i-put-jail-carryi ng-simple-locking- pocketknife.html#p ost230602  (Sep 27, 2011 | post #1)

info london !

Additions to and past my case I wrote here I add the following below this and how lawyers helped me to my problem. I turned to each of the attorneys listed in the list below for help in my case , each of them met with my case. Some of them say they do not deal with such cases as my other does not reply the messages and the other transferred me to one another. So I turned to the municipality and which is on the ate at 8 Market Place Southwark Park Road LONDON SE16 3UQ, Citizens Advice without result solicitors/solicit , http://www.nationa l-accident-solicit , http://www.lawsoci , http://www.amnesty , liberty-human-righ For more information about this please visit the sites that are as follows: http://www.worldla human-rights/53745 -immigrate-england -i-put-jail-carryi ng-simple-locking- pocketknife.html#p ost230602 m/ cf/support/forum/p /gmail/thread?tid= 3786f613e03e7cc4 &hl=en  (Sep 24, 2011 | post #1)

Info London and Citizens Advice Bureau

Supplement to the past and described here as I write I wrote about my case and lawyers http://www.nationa l-accident-solicit, they are not answered my message, which ispratih of their email and I consider them as not respect them and because they say we support and we are free - I can say this that they are the same scammers The municipality also met with my case, I turned for assistance to people who are responsible for advice to citizens, I wish I appoint an attorney to seek their rights. This community is located on address 8 Market Place Southwark Park Road LONDON SE16 3UQ For more information about this please visit the sites that are as follows: cf/support/forum/p /gmail/thread?tid= 3786f613e03e7cc4 &hl=en  (Sep 23, 2011 | post #1)

important " info london "

I want to make a comment in regards to what happened to me and I wrote below, I write. What I mean is that I do not like what happened to me. I was not that which had to be caught. I understand splendid country which is acting so with foreigners arrived from elsewhere exactly I . Sometimes I agree with them with this and their actions to those for which mentioned above. I am not ready to act as against innocent as me, moreover, in such as me which are did not have past acts. Court in London , says , person who brings blade is criminal, is a crime for an ordinary knife or' knife . I do not think so ... I am not ready to sue person thus still more by the person who has had no past acts , of nature murder or may have made experience . I am on / 30 / thirty years now and so far I have no and at the very few offense and as I said already never and anywhere on any occasions I have not had problems with police officers or courts, although not pool me life . For more information about this please visit the websites um/p/gmail/thread? tid=3786f613e03e7c c4&hl=en&f id=3786f613e03e7cc 40004ab3b337c33f5 &hltp=2 http://www.worldla human-rights/53745 -immigrate-england -i-put-jail-carryi ng-simple-locking- pocketknife.html#p ost230729 http://www.ipressc ad.php/823-Info-lo ndon http://www.airgrou ewtopic.php?p=6010 287#6010287  (Sep 11, 2011 | post #1)


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