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Mar 18, 2012

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What is the "WILL" of God?

And Greetings all in Christ from all walks of life. Christianity is all about GUNUINE SHARING of spiritual gifts, ie, using one's spiritual gift to help bring another to walk in harmony or in the WILL of God that is necessary for ETERNAL LIFE. Only God knows if each believer, especially the ministers (Apostle, Pft, Ps. Ev, and Teacher) of the Gospel are doing that or not. I share concerning the WILL of God from Papua New Guinea. I posted the Question: what is the will of God few days ago to create discussion and expose the perfect WILL of God. But there seem to be none so I go on to discuss what Christ says. Papua New Guinea is a Christian Country with Christianity as its official religion and I have been a Christian since my childhood days and had been under many different ministers but NONE had never emphasise Mat 7.21 and teach me the WIll of God until Jn 8.31-32 caused me to discover it. Its all thete in the TEACHINGS of Christ. I shall discuss that in my next set of discussion. Only Christ's teachings (and expounded by the Apostles) can show us the TRUTH or the WIll Of God. May God bless your hearts PAUL MIKE PNG  (Mar 18, 2012 | post #1)