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1.7 million year African presence in Europe

To see the images associated with the text below, click this link: http://www.beforeb -09-05.html The tool-maker, Homo egaster [A0] (2.4 to 1.7 million years ago) of Kenya had also, according to Russian scientists, migrated with his tool kit to Georgia, in the former Soviet Union, by 1.7 million years ago [A1]. A million+ years later in a cave in Spain, under 8.2 meters of soil, and discovered at the behest of the Prince of Monaco, was found the grave of a woman and boy of the Grimaldi race [A2] of Negroes. By physical appearance they were African: i.e. color aside, ignoring color, an individual with a tendency to have a full nose and mouth, and having wiry [D6], kinky / woolly hair & possibly having a protruding jaw, i.e. to be prognacious [as Grimaldi boy [A2]; finally, one whose skull has a tendency to be long & narrow [A: 0, 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10], meaning doliocephalic. As an African race, they covered Europe 40,000 years ago. NORTH AMERICAN KENNIWICK AND OTHER AFRICANS: While called “Caucasian” Kenniwick Man [A10] found in Washington state and living there near 8000 BC [A10] is doliocephalic and emerged from the Arctic Circle which did not have a Caucasian presence until near 2300 BC. “Doug Owsley, of the Smithsonian Institution, and others say very old skulls — including Kennewick and Stickman — have a longer, narrower braincase than the skulls of modern and pre-contact Native American;” i.e. Kenniwick [A10] and Stickman (A5, 7000 BC), also from Washington state, have African craniometric measurements. OTHER PALEO AFRICANS (descendents of Old Stone Age populations in North Europe and the Arctic Circle also): Japan’s Ainu [C6, C8, C9, D6], Alaska [D3, D4], Canadian Inuits [B5-9], Russia [A3], The oldest region of North Europe, the Altaic region [A7, 9], [A8] Czeh Republic, Siberia [C1], Greenland [C3], the Kirule Islands [C5] to name a few – throughout 99.999% of European history; i.e., for all but the last 1600 years, Europe was an African homeland. The back of Africans was broken first in the Punic wars, then under Ceasar, then the onslaught of the Germanic tribes, and on-and-on. Well, that’s life. GENETIC EVIDENCE OF AFRICAN (A.K.A. PALEOINDIAN) COLONIZATION OF EARLIEST NORTH AMERICA: The M Haplogroup is a super group of genetic material that Underhill et. al. state arose in East Africa over 40,000 years ago. In mutated form it is found near 12,000 BC in Siberia and from Siberia among Clovis and other Paleoindians in the Americas among those of African phenotype; this is genetic proof [web images included] indicative of an African colonization of the prehistoric, pre-Western American continent. [For genetic evidence, see: P. A. Underhill, C. Passarino, A. Lin, P. Shen, R. A. Foley, P. J. Oefner, L. L. Cavalli-Sforza, The Phylogeography of Y chromosome binary haplotypes and the origin of modern populations, Ann Hum Genet 65, pp. 43 – 62, 2001.] These Northern Africans [A0, 1, 2; B1, 2; C1, 2, 3, 9] were the ancestors of, by appearance, an African peoples [e.g. B5, 8, 9; C1 through 6; D1 through 6]. Such people, Africans by appearance, comprised the population of early Northern peoples like the Lapp / Saami [C1, D1] of Norway, Sweden, and Finland; & the earliest or African phase of the Scythians [A7, A9], the Paleo-Indians, Eskimo, and Clovis Indian that crossed the Bering Straight walking or by boat following the herds of elk into North America 12,000 years ago [consider A: 5, 10; B: 5, 6, 8, 9; D: 3, 4] before the land bridge was covered with water. There is reason to suspect that many Northern European and Turkic languages spoken today emerged from them. Africans, in population, dominated Europe for a million years until Caesar enslaved Old Rome. Nearly 400 pages of worldwide African (black) history before Columbus, and before Christ from: http://www.beforeb urces/AfricanaReso urces/index.of.pag es.html Marc Washington currently in Budapest, Hungary  (Aug 28, 2012 | post #1)

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400 years of a black House of Habsburg’s

You need to see the web page below to follow the text: I believe painted pictures of monarchs are mostly imaginative; especially decades, centuries, or, in cases, a millennium after their death. I am more inclined to believe coins more likely show the true image. Yet, there have been periods when monarchs were represented more to conform to some convention than their actual appearance; and counterfeits have been common throughout modern history. The following coins were minted during the life of the following monarchs: http://www.beforeb -16-800-03-N.vie-9 0-040-14-10-00.htm l More on the Golden Age of the African and how to maneuver through its 300+ pages: http://www.beforeb dAfricanGoldenAge. html  (May 20, 2012 | post #1)

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When giant met dwarf - the (pre)historic meeting of the r...

[ I ] Early Negrito civilizations: Geneticists concur in the belief that the Jawara negrito peoples of the Adaman Islands [A] left Africa over 60,000 years ago. The negrito, in the form of the robust Pygmy [B, C1, D, E2, E3, F1] and gracile Bushman [A, C2, E1, F2, 3, 4] covered the earth with early civilizations in China [B ], Europe [C], the Mediterranean race of Greece [D], Afrigypt [E], and Mesopotamia [F]. High civilization and art is apparent in the jade negrito figures of China [B ], the finely crafted art of the Vikings in Oseberg, Norway [C1, 800 AD], the biblical wall tapestry of a Celt/Hussite David standing before the Germanic giant as Goliath [C2], the theatre of Greece [D1] and epic hero Hercules [D2]. The famed Pygmy of Homer’s lliad [D3] and illustrious monarchs of Egypt [E] & Mesopotamia [F]. If you cannot see web page below, click following link: http://www.beforeb -11-00-10.html And there were negritos also in the Americas: http://www.beforeb -11-00-10.Mexico.j pg AFRICANA WEB MAGAZINE: numerous topics and over 300 pages like the above, http://www.beforeb dAfricanGoldenAge. html  (Feb 4, 2010 | post #1)

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The Ancient Africans of Europe?

SERIES: THE ANCIENT AFRICANS OF EUROPE (page 1 OF 25) Africans founded European and World Christianity? A. Representations of Christ B. (by phenotype) African Monarchs of Europe C. Black Madonnas of Europe D. Biblical characters: disciples, saints, wise men If you cannot see web page below, click following link: http://www.beforeb kind/Gods.MotherGo ddeses/02-16g-00-2 0.html Marc Washington http://www.beforeb dAfricanGoldenAge. html  (Jan 28, 2010 | post #1)

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(*) The Africans of the Republic of Rome ~ 500 BC

Most cities of ancient Europe including those of Italy, such as Sicily and Olbia, were founded by the descendents of the black son of Ham who were the Canaanite traders known as the Phoenicians. The love of black Zeus (2) for the Phoenician princess Europa is the source of the continental name Europe. In later times, Italic tribes entered what is now Italy producing a population that now included whites as seen in the vase in picture 8. African (by physical appearance) gods were many in Rome including Silenius (1), Zeus (2), Baccus (6), Hercules (6). Few historical figures are better known than Attila the Hun, portrayed in his lifetime in Rome as African - as seen by the balls of woolly hair (3): If you cannot see web page below, click following link http://www.beforeb -16-800-00-33.html Marc Washington AFRICANA WEB MAGAZINE: numerous topics and over 300 pages like the above, MAGAZINE PURPOSE AND NAVIGATION: based on physical artefacts (hard evidence) to present a pictorial image of Africa’s Golden Age; a time before Columbus, before Christ, and before the spread of the Indo-European peoples. An age where Africans, as the woolly-haired people, were on every continent of the earth; and the world was itself, thus, Africa. The pages prove this. To get a quick overview, take 10x10; 10 minutes perusing 10 pages (non-stop) a minute looking at 100 pages. Doing this, you will see the site in a nutshell and get a bird’s-eyeview. You can gain a comprehension of BeforeBC enabling a later return for a more studied review. WEB MAGAZINE SUMMARY: http://www.beforeb dAfricanGoldenAge. html DETAILED EXPLANATION OF THE MAGAZINE: http://www.beforeb  (Nov 5, 2009 | post #1)