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Apr 26, 2008

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Sunterra time share scam as promoted by Thomas Cook

Another Muppet, don't despair. We were all told a pack of lies in order to get us to sign up for the points. I like you haven't paid the finance company and the debt was sold on to another low life organisation. I've had the threatening letters etc. (I'm almost ready to sue them) You do have a recourse. As you were missold the points, induced into signing the agreement with false promises and untrue statements from the sales people this is Misrepresentation, and under the Misrepresentation Act 1967 you can pursue Sunterra / DRI for your money back, and the finance company, plus damages. There are some sites that you can access in the UK where you can contact people in a similar situation to yourself and get information, Daily Mirror, Penman & Sommerlad investigate has three threads on DRI and there is the DRIP website. There are murmurings of a class action against DRI but I believe even a lone figure pursuing them and the finance companies involved, would get massive support and publicity so much so that the bully boys would back down and settle out of court.  (Oct 16, 2010 | post #261)


Sunterra time share scam as promoted by Thomas Cook

I haven't heard of any at the moment. There has been a firm of lawyers looking at the legality of the contracts, for a group of DRI (formerley Sunterra) owners, on the Daily Mirror site http://blogs.mirro ions/2008/12/answe rs-some-anyway-fro m-diamo.html#comme nts There are two more sites on the Mirror dealing with Sunterra, DRI maintenance charges. From reading some of the comments, it seemed to be a waste of £115.00 x 100 peoples money. From what I've heard DRI are trying to clean up their act, accommodation being improved and updated, even an amnesty on unpaid maintenance charges, I have no proof, I don't work or have any association with them. In fact I'm in the same state as most others, I was lied to and subjected to a relentless 8 hour presentation, the only thing I didn't get was "waterboarded ". Fortunately I was finally signed up in Spain, so I may give these lawyers a try. Have you taken your complaint to trading standards? Are you complaining over miss selling, misrepresentation or maintenance costs? You may be aware that former and current employees from DRI (Sunterra) monitor these sites and do regularly post comments, sometimes it's quite obvious. If I hear of any No Win No Fee lawyers who are successful then I will post the relevant details.  (Dec 6, 2009 | post #255)


Nick Benson - Mastermind of Sunterra's Global Scam

Hi Me too, 2004, bought 6000 points 2006 another 12000 points. I'm in for £12000 + interest and the points you can't give them away. I stand corrected, We were told the value of the points were between £1 and £1.50 each that the price did fluctuate, but that was a guideline. In reality 6000 points you could sell for £600 plus the eskrow fee, only to an existing member and only if all maintenance fees are up to date. If they aren't paid then DRI Sunterra will repossess them. In the real world you buy a car, boat or house, the finance company repossess it if you default. This is where the tenuous link between GE Money and Sunterra comes in, GE Money don't want to repo a couple of worthless sheets of paper, your points certificates, so they'll come after you, then DRI Sunterra can resell the points again and GE Money will fund the purchase and the cycle goes on. Just a question that someone may be able to answer, the address that GE Money operate from in Harrow London used to be First National Bank. Is it the same First National Bank that is mentioned at the top of the thread? There appears to be a pretty good case against DRI Sunterra and GE Money under the Misrepresentation Act 1967, either for fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation. I will be launching a website shortly to pursue my grievance with them and it will be open to all.  (Sep 8, 2008 | post #115)