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Mar 8, 2011

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Online Fundraiser For Oregon Bakery Removed After Gay Rig...

fr "Roscoe" : >Too bad the Gay Mafia shut this down...< Nope. Gofundme shut it down, and rightfully so.  (Monday Apr 27 | post #12)


Pediatrician Won't Treat Baby With Lesbian Moms

fr Pietro Armando: >....because it support the nuclear family, the building block of society. < My WIFE and I have been very happily married for almost 7 years, and together for nine. I suggest that you work on your own relationship and keep your huge schnozzola out of other's.  (Monday Apr 27 | post #1331)


State warns Boy Scouts about discriminating against gays

fr"TomInElPas o: >One word, Michaelangelo. Unless, of course, you think the Sistine Chapel or the statue of David insignificant.< Walt Whitman, author. Alan Turing, computer genius, broke the nazi ENIGMA code in WWII.  (Sunday Apr 26 | post #130)


The Latest on GOP's 2016 hopefuls: Cruz on gay marriage

fr "Cordwainer Trout": >The absurdity of three to five homosexuals posting on Topix having the impact to make sexual pervert "rights" the issue of all political campaigns is just another disgusting homosexual public exhibitionist imposition. All public displays of homosexuality in any form should be illegal.< Well, aren't YOU a little lollipop triple-dipped in psycho this morning?  (Sunday Apr 26 | post #56)


Pa. high school students throw 'Anti-Gay Day'

FR "GayBGon ": >You don't know that. Some of these fabricated gay-hate crimes are pretty elaborate.< YOU are the one who is clueless, not to mention a gay-basher. You are not wanted here. Please go away, and have mommy put a password on her computer.  (Saturday Apr 25 | post #101)


Shop owner will deny - openly gay' customers

fr NorCal Native: >If the man had no business license, would that mean he also had no business insurance in case he made a mistake to prevent being sued? It also makes me wonder if he was a certified mechanic?< He is not.  (Sunday Apr 19 | post #62)


Shop owner will deny - openly gay' customers

fr Sharkey: >...I hope he sues the shit out of anyone who harassed or threatened him. <' Nobody has "harassed or threatened" this clown. He's a bigot, and is working ILLEGALLY, without a license. He deserves what he gets.  (Sunday Apr 19 | post #60)


Potsdam gay pride parade brings faith and awareness in it...

FR: 123kid: >I have no problem with gay people. These parades on the other hand are just not needed> So don't go. There. Problem solved.  (Sunday Apr 19 | post #65)


Gay conversion therapy debate hits Colorado's GOP Senate

fr Terminal Velocity: >And not to mention that the therapy is bogus and doesn't work ! : )< No REPUTABLE therapist uses it, that's a fact.  (Thursday Apr 16 | post #23)


What is the one thing you feel would improve Topix the most?

fr "blasterboy19 84": >What is your definition of a troll? If you don't mind sharing.< Mine is an idiot who keeps changing his screen name, claims he's from Poland, Russia, New York, Texas (and can't even spell the name of the city right!), etc., and whose favorite phrase is "100% spot on." They know who they are. They're probably some loser who lives in a studio apartment in a bad section of town, or mommy's basement. They constantly urge violence against GLBT's and our supporters, and fail to realize that they are NOT wanted on the boards.  (Thursday Apr 16 | post #1578)


Pat Robertson on Indiana law: Gay wedding cakes are a gat...

fr "info": >...We see higher rates of suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder, and substance abuse among gays...< Because of the fact that pr*cks like YOU bully them. You need serious secular therapy, preferably on a locked ward.  (Wednesday Apr 15 | post #41)


Pat Robertson on Indiana law: Gay wedding cakes are a gat...

fr "powerful information": >...Russia is an Atheistic country, and homosexuality is outlawed there. You can get arrested in Russia for homosexual propaganda....< Then move there, bub. Your trash and garbage and HOMOPHOBIA is not welcome here. Leave. I'll even make sure you get to the airport in time for your back row coach middle seat.  (Wednesday Apr 8 | post #31)


Guam rejects lesbian couple's marriage license application

fr Cordwainer Trout: >Let's see if the San Francisco and other Democrat sodomite judges have any authority in Guam.< Seeing as the city of Sodom was destroyed during the time of the Old Testament because of inhospitality to strangers, there ARE no sodomites left. A dictionary would be a good friend for you. Get one.  (Wednesday Apr 8 | post #27)


The Hoosier Nuremberg Laws

fr "Concerned Citizen": >The left took faith out of our schools,they're using the "HOMO;S" to shut down the entire religion in America!, you FOOLS.As soon as gay marriage is the law of the land,any church who refuses to marry them,the Federal government will take away their tax exemptions,and tax the hell out of of them,causing them to close their doors......< 1. Students are perfectly free to pray at school, anytime, anywhere, as long as they do it SILENTLY, and not disturb those of other faiths/beliefs. 2. GLBT's are not interested in to "shut down the entire religion in America." Nor are any churches/synogogue s, temples who don't want to offer marriage ceremonies to glbt couples in danger of losing "their tax exemptions,and tax the hell out of of them,causing them to close their doors." Please stop watching faux shnews. It's ruining your brain.  (Wednesday Apr 8 | post #255)


The Hoosier Nuremberg Laws

fr "Color Me Concerned": >Look at what some of the prophets said, like David Wilkerson. Also, if you can't find the communist goals there, just look up 1958---Communist Takeover of America 45 Goals.< David Wilkerson was NOT a "prophet ", not by a long shot. He started off ok, but got very strange near the end of his life.  (Wednesday Apr 8 | post #254)

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Northern California

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The United Methodist Church

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm reading, or cuddling my very cute wife.

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local NBC news affiliate

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"Hawaii" by John Michener

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mysteries, historical reading, esp the Civil War. Our Keurig coffee maker.

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Marriage Equality

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Marriage Equality.