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Mar 8, 2011

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Becker & Poliakoff Lawyer Sends Anti-Gay Email Rant To All

fr "Darby": >Just as I suspected, the email was not homophobic but a mixture of facts and his opinions/views and observations on homosexuality.< Clearly, you flunked kindergarten reading. Have mommy read the article to you, and explain the big words with more than one syllable. The rant was most certainly HOMOPHOBIC, and the idiot "lawyer" needs to be fired. Company email is NOT for homophobic, racist, or any other kind of rant.  (35 min ago | post #19)


Chattanooga voters repeal civil rights for LGBT city empl...

fr original Willard: >... You've wrongly called me a bigot, but I'm very sure I'm not, so...< Grow UP, willie, and get a life.  (Sunday Aug 24 | post #39)


Gay marriage

fr Eileen Jael: >Don't tell me about you & your wife. Tell it to God & repent of this lesbian devil wickedness before God severely punishes you & yours. If you don't want to believe in God or the Bible, that's your choice. I, however, don't appreciate you throwing your sin in my face. If you want sodomy, God will have you answer for this sin.< We've never met, so how could I be " throwing (your) sin in (my) face??? We are legally MARRIED, and God has indeed blessed our MARRIAGE. Please get secular therapy for your homophobia. Notice that I specified SECULAR therapy.  (Saturday Aug 23 | post #59668)


Agenda: How the far left uses homosexuality to undermine ...

fr Wondering: >There are thousands of Christian prison inmates too. Get to know some.< I already do. I worked for eight years in a Midwest women's prison as a guard. Not something I'd recommend for everyone  (Saturday Aug 2 | post #71)


Agenda: How the far left uses homosexuality to undermine ...

fr mother nature: >... To be gay is to turn your back on god and his word. ...< WRONG. There are THOUSANDS of lgbt Christians, worldwide. Get to know some.  (Saturday Aug 2 | post #47)


Why Are We Being Forced To Accept Homosexuality?

fr wondering: >... They don't tolerate parental rights..< Exactly which parental rights do lgbt's and our supporters not tolerate? Cite your sources.  (Saturday Aug 2 | post #598)


Cosmo Publishes Its First Lesbian Sex Guide

fr "Dombodo ": >This is sick!< So don't read it. Have mommy read you the new edition of "Hi-Lites for Children" that came in the mail today.  (Monday Jul 28 | post #13)


Why Are We Being Forced To Accept Homosexuality?

fr cliff: >Luke ...< Judge not, lest YE be judged.  (Monday Jul 28 | post #458)


Many walk in solidarity for gay couples at Pride Festival

fr Davis: >Why are all dykes so damn fugly?< We are NOT. However, your hatred and bigotry makes YOU the ugly one, "Davis".  (Jul 27, 2014 | post #6)


Lubbock man says he was fired for being gay; law says it'...

fr "Jerry": >...Homosexuali ty isnít the only lifestyle choice that falls into that category, Harms said..< You are BORN gay or straight. Your sexual orientation is NOT a "choice" . Have your preschool teacher explain it to you, in words that even YOU can understand. Then tell her to stand you in the corner until mommy comes to get you.  (Jul 26, 2014 | post #13)


The Coming Christian Revolt

fr Dan: >...Name one HL employee who cannot make her own reproductive decision as a result of the HL ruling. I'm sure that they think that they can go purchase an uncovered contraeptive, but you seem to know better. < So if guys were being denied the ability to have Viagara as a covered perk, THAT wouldn't go over real well, but "...they think that they can go purchase an uncovered contraeptive, "  (Jul 25, 2014 | post #127)


Chick-fil-A Vallejo Location Faces Opposition

fr Frankie Rizzo: >Mmmmm. Chik-fil-A! Think I will pack up the whole fam damily in the station wagon, and go to Chik-fil-A for a delicious, nutritious healthy dinner served in a socially conscious family restaurant. Mmmm.< Snork. The words "delicious, nutritious healthy ..." do not apply to anything from chick fil EWW.  (Jul 22, 2014 | post #92)


Ruling sparks debate on retroactive gay rights

fr Cordwainer Trout: >This extreme exaggeration is getting old. It is an exaggeration to claim more than 1.5% of any population is homosexual. One can travel endlessly throughout the world and never be in contact with a homosexual. They congregate in certain cities, so their numbers are easily misapplied. They are only a little more prevalent than small pox these days.< As usual, your entire diatribe is full of trash. GLBT's are EVERYWHERE, as teachers, tour guides, data entry people, software writers, teachers, tutors, musicians, lawyers, doctors, dentists, healthcare workers, clergy, bank tellers, grocery clerks, forklift drivers, customer service people, librarians, etc. Grow UP, and get a life.  (Jul 22, 2014 | post #35)


GOP Official Dave Agema Says 'Sexual Perversion' Is Ruini...

fr Trout: >...They destroy love and relish destroying love, thus they are demons...< Please explain, in your own words, how my MARRIAGE to my lovely WIFE, is "destroying love".  (Jul 21, 2014 | post #10)


US appeals court tosses Oklahoma gay marriage ban

fr "Bardu": >And the homosexual assault continues to bring our country to it's knees.< Quit spamming the boards, and take your little imaginary friends with you.  (Jul 19, 2014 | post #7)

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