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Mar 8, 2011

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The Coming Christian Revolt

fr Dan: >...Name one HL employee who cannot make her own reproductive decision as a result of the HL ruling. I'm sure that they think that they can go purchase an uncovered contraeptive, but you seem to know better. < So if guys were being denied the ability to have Viagara as a covered perk, THAT wouldn't go over real well, but "...they think that they can go purchase an uncovered contraeptive, "  (2 hrs ago | post #127)


Chick-fil-A Vallejo Location Faces Opposition

fr Frankie Rizzo: >Mmmmm. Chik-fil-A! Think I will pack up the whole fam damily in the station wagon, and go to Chik-fil-A for a delicious, nutritious healthy dinner served in a socially conscious family restaurant. Mmmm.< Snork. The words "delicious, nutritious healthy ..." do not apply to anything from chick fil EWW.  (Tuesday Jul 22 | post #92)


Ruling sparks debate on retroactive gay rights

fr Cordwainer Trout: >This extreme exaggeration is getting old. It is an exaggeration to claim more than 1.5% of any population is homosexual. One can travel endlessly throughout the world and never be in contact with a homosexual. They congregate in certain cities, so their numbers are easily misapplied. They are only a little more prevalent than small pox these days.< As usual, your entire diatribe is full of trash. GLBT's are EVERYWHERE, as teachers, tour guides, data entry people, software writers, teachers, tutors, musicians, lawyers, doctors, dentists, healthcare workers, clergy, bank tellers, grocery clerks, forklift drivers, customer service people, librarians, etc. Grow UP, and get a life.  (Tuesday Jul 22 | post #35)


GOP Official Dave Agema Says 'Sexual Perversion' Is Ruini...

fr Trout: >...They destroy love and relish destroying love, thus they are demons...< Please explain, in your own words, how my MARRIAGE to my lovely WIFE, is "destroying love".  (Monday Jul 21 | post #10)


US appeals court tosses Oklahoma gay marriage ban

fr "Bardu": >And the homosexual assault continues to bring our country to it's knees.< Quit spamming the boards, and take your little imaginary friends with you.  (Saturday Jul 19 | post #7)


Gay marriage

fr Scorpio: >"Same-Sex "Marriage " Is Not a Civil Right" http://www.cpjusti ryReader%241178 Trying to force it to be is Unconstitutional or forcing your immorality on Society and Children is unconstitutional because it is your beliefs. < Marriage EQUALITY is most certainly a civil right. Get used to it.  (Saturday Jul 19 | post #55968)


Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down In The Keys

fr Cordwainer Trout: >The mentally deranged, sexually deviants should be second class citizens, like all mentally ill. Letting one and one half percent of a human population define morality for the rest of humanity shows the weakness and cowardice of a people having lost its way.< What if one of YOUR relatives was lgbt? I shudder to think of what you'd spew if that was the case. You need serious help, trout. Your local county mental health society can help you find a good, REAL, secular therapist for your homophobia. Please get some.  (Saturday Jul 19 | post #21)


Russian College Students Kidnap Gay Man at Gunpoint via S...

fr "Joshua" : >Way to go Russia! I LOVE IT!< So move there, if you "love it" soooo much. We'll even buy your coach ticket and drive you to podunk airport. Take all your imaginary friends with you. You are not wanted here.  (Tuesday Jul 15 | post #46)


Small SC town rallies for fired gay police chief

fr "Baldwin ": >A Disney homosexuals are FIFTY times more likely than heterosexuals to sexually abuse children< Prove it. Use VERIFIABLE AND REAL stats to back up your LIE. The following will NOT be accepted: patty robber$on, whirledNUTSdaily, faux shnews, bryan fischer, the "afa", the "frc" or the "cwa".  (Tuesday Jul 15 | post #13)


Texas United Methodist Minister Burns Himself to Death to...

fr "Hans": >I think all queers should do this! This is a great way to draw attention to themselves!< You and your gazillion imaginary friends are sick. Please get therapy for your HOMOPHOBIA. Tell the doctor you have multiple personality disorder.  (Tuesday Jul 15 | post #6)


Four Youth Arrested, Forced to Explain Gay Sex in Equator...

fr "Baldwin ": >That's the problem....< No, YOU are the problem, with your countless screen (or scream) names. You're not fooling anyone except your own ridiculous self. >...You should be ashamed of what you do....< YOU are the one who should be ashamed of how you homophobes act, scream, and carry on like a bunch of banshees. Grow UP, "baldwin " or "muldoon " or "chad" or "Ivan" or whatever name you pull out of your propeller beanie hat, and get a clue. Run along, and go play in your playpen until momma puts you in your footie pajamas for bed.  (Tuesday Jul 15 | post #23)


Singapore backs call to destroy gay-themed books

fr "Dave": >Books like this are made for the sole purpose of brainwashing and indoctrinating young children into the homosexual lifestyle. Singapore is right to destroy them. < So MOVE to Singapore and take all your imaginary "friends " with you.  (Saturday Jul 12 | post #19)


Fabulous in Frankfurt

fr "Dave": >....Why does everything have to be "anything goes" with queers?< Obviously, you've never seen videos of Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  (Saturday Jul 12 | post #4)


Gay marriage

fr family pride: >...God will judge the Sodomites and all other evildoers. ...< The town of Sodom was destroyed LONG ago because of inhospitality to strangers. There are no "Sodomites " left in the world.  (Saturday Jul 12 | post #54872)


Gay marriage

fr Pietro Armando: >... equal rights existed before. All men, and all women were treated equally in regards to marriage, the legally recognized union of husband and wife....< You must have failed US History, then. Up until the 1920's, women were denied the legal RIGHT to vote, establish and hold credit and bank accounts in their own name, and a woman who never married for whatever reason was often looked upon with scorn, derision, and "pity". You would do yourself (and the rest of us) a great favor by signing up for a US History course at a local continuation school (Adult Ed). Please do so.  (Saturday Jul 12 | post #54831)

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