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Jan 8, 2013

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Why are Serbs darker than other slavs?

I laughed when you said you think he is jealous, how could a Sweed be jealous of a serb, common man, are you serious?  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #1296)

Croatian PM accuses right-wing of spreading 'pure hatred'

I agree, Croatia government is run by cetniks and jugoslavs, not by Croats of pure Croat blood. Zoran Milanovic is also a serb lover and more than likely a serb himself. These dirty Croat polititians should go to serbian parliment as they love protecting serbs and love the use of serb cerilica alphabet All Croats should unite and expell the current Croat government urgently before they destroy the soul of the Croat people. The Croats of Kosovo dont hate serbs for no reason, we all know why they have bad blood towards the serbs, but yet the Croat government continue to defend dirty serbs in Croatia. The serbs of Croatia should shut up and get on with life, accept Croat language and alphabet or piss off back to their own country, it's simple. We must never forget what they did to us 20 years ago, aim of greater serbia and even before that. serbs say they are victims, well simple, wht is all this destruction and hatred happening in Croatia and Bosnia? Why is it not happening in serbia? Because know one is planning to take over serbia. serbs, wake up to yourselves, if your born in Croatia then you are a Croat, otherwise piss off back to your own country  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #1)

Croatian Soldiers Acquitted of Murdering Serbs

Thankyou, rather be a Bosnian Turk thatn a orthococks serb  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #28)

Croatian Soldiers Acquitted of Murdering Serbs

Hey stupid un-educated serb fool, Not brown tongueing, it's living and moving on with the rest of the civilised world, something you serbs have a long way to go with. I know for a fact, not much happening in serbia, it's a dead end, it's boring, high unemployment and it's in general a very sad place. On the other hand, Croatia is very vibrant with millions of international tourists and investors coming every year Say what you like stupid serb but I and many others know where the potential is Enjoy your life in boring dead as a door nail serbia  (Mar 18, 2013 | post #27)

america tells croatia you never defeated the serbs in war...

This actually made me laugh, you must be a fool or a child, no other explanation. Let me tell you it's the opposite, you are so f--ken lucky Croat and Bosnian armies were ordered to halt operation OLUJA, by NATO, which stopped on the door step of Banja Luka, God was on your side that day, let me tell you. As for Kosovo, I dont think you would stand a chance with the Albanians, they can fight a fair fight and you serbs cannot, only in greater numbers and better weaponry  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #62)

da li ste znali/ did you know

Dont waste your time with these jeaolous bastards. Look, the Chinese are no fools, if they believed he was Italian then they would have invited an Italian to come to China and open the Marco Polo exhibit, but no they invited a Croatian Political figure to do it, end of story  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #1387)

Croatian Soldiers Acquitted of Murdering Serbs

Dont know where you get the shamefull thing from, does not compute with me the slightest, actually very proud to say I AM A CROAT, it even sounds good. People find out I am a Croat and they say what a beautiful country, great sports stars .......on and on and on I AM A PROUD CROAT AND PROUD OF MY NATION AND PEOPLE Proud of my fallen USTASA brothers and sisters from WW2, at least they had uniforms and marched on the streets as a proper army but you serbs were bush bandits with dirty long beards living in the trees like primitive apes he he he he show me a cetnik military uniform  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #21)

Why Serbians don't like Bosnian Muslims

Most nations are guilty of these acts, some get away with it because they are Americans, French, Spanish or English and others dont because they are not Americans, French, Spanish or English  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #275)

Why do Croats call bosniaks balije?

Smrt svima jugoslovenima i nabijem tebe na kurac, idi kod srba di ti je mjesto. Hrvati i Bosnjaci nisu nikad napali druge drzave a srbi jesu, palili, plackali silovali u tudje zemlju. Sada, nemoj ti meni to srat sa tvoju komunisticko glupost, da valja komunisam onda bi cijeli svijet bio komuniti, a hvala bogu, nije. Zivio capitalism zivio sloboda Ne brini ti za narod iz Australije, mi smo pametni i skolovani u capitalisticki system pa snamo sto valja i sto ne valja. Sada idi nabi glavu u srbsku guzici jugovicko govno jedno I samo da snadez, Ustasi su zivi i jaki a nikad nas necete srusit  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #185)

Croatian Soldiers Acquitted of Murdering Serbs

Bosnia Hercegovina is a fully independant nation and I as a Ustasa Croat do not recognise any other. Our borders are practically open for free movement between Croats, Bosnjaks, Catholics or muslims, constant movement between our peoples between both nations. They are welcome in our country and we in theirs. We will help eachother as much as possible, through thick and thin. Fortunately borders with serbs are closed and restricted, actually Croats and Bosnjaks should build a massive wall between our borders with serbia, its the only way we will have peace in the region. I teach my children to respect Bosnjaks as our brothers and sisters and only difference is in religion, thats all. I would be proud if one of my children married a Bosnjak. "U"  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #19)

Greece-Serbia brotherhood

To su ti drugi srbi, mislu da je sve njivo i da cijeli svijet oko nji mora plesat. Onaj cetnik ukopan u sloveniji, just igmore the dirty uneducated prick. He is trash and to be honest could not even spell the word God or religion. One of the serbs posted to me link of Croat Bosnjak war, I am not stupid and know the details of all that. I blame my own stupid Croats for it. I was brought up with strong Ustasa values and number one rule would have been to never attack Bosnjak Muslims. Croat government at the time of the war had no right to contemplate the division of Bosnia with the serbs. What Croat government should have done was go to Sarajevo, not belgrade. The main thing was that that conflict was short and contained in only a small part of BiH and this can be rectified and healed over time. I was very upset when it happened and embarrassed as a Croat. When HOS was active in BiH everything was under control between us. Croatia is moving fast forward in every field and I am sure Bosnia will benefit from it in the long run. I cant see Croatia ignoring Bosnias issues, now way, you have friends for life, our borders are practically almost non existant anyhow, lots of people moving between both countries and this a great thing for us. Only problem we have is rep srbska, but dont worry they wont be there for long, everything has a use by date and believe me Croatia will never ever recognise this illegal so called bullshit nation And that Grk, alexander the great, telling me that Bosnia is nothing in soccer, I told him they are sitting on top of the group qualifiers. i cant wait for that match, will be watching both games with my Cro and Bosnjak friends. Take Care  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #6410)

Greece-Serbia brotherhood

Hey retard, We had Romans, we had Egyptians we had Chinese,,,,,,,,,,, ,,not just bloody greeks, wake up retarded fish and chips expert, the world does not evolve around greeks you stupid arrogant neanthrapol man Stop replying to me I dont talk to serbian arse f--kers  (Mar 17, 2013 | post #6409)

Croatian Soldiers Acquitted of Murdering Serbs

Istra falls under Croatia on the map, Kosovo does not fall under serbia f--k your dumber  (Mar 16, 2013 | post #16)

Leaders call for action to halt ethnic violence in Vojvodina

You mention Vukovar you stupid fool, This a is an embarrassment for you serbs, took you a very long time to take the city with massive troop numbers and all the weaponry at your exposal against a couple of thousand men with small arms. embarrassment to you serbs and a showing to the world of Croatian militay brillance. Hitler and Napolean loved our soldiers  (Mar 16, 2013 | post #34)