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Sep 2, 2009

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Carlsbad, NM

Teen troubled by memory of suicide

I know the impact of dealing with a persons suicide/death, whatever you want to call it, i read the story, i think the Argus should FIRE without delay the reporter on this story for being stupid, i think we all can imagine what a shotgun does up close in things like this, so why PRINT it in a paper that THOUSANDS of people read DAILY, Whoever this reporter is should be fired ASAP and as for the students and the family of the victim and all who were there, I give my most heart-felt understanding and wishes that in time, things may return to a slighty normal place, although I know that it will be a long, tiresome and sad process to go through. For the families of Cody Lee Grimes, Shawn Williams, Micheal Ruiz and other teens that were taken from us in their young lives, may God lay his loving hands on your shoulders so that you may find some peace in your lives. We will all miss those we were close to, but they watch over us now. D.A.B.  (Sep 15, 2009 | post #148)

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Prove there's a god.

ill put this simply for everyone, yes i KNOW there is a God, i choose however not to divulge any proof i may have tucked away to mark these words as true, but i think everyone should do us ALL a favor to help decide the correct answer(at least for themself). Look at your sons, your daughters, your parents and grandparents, look in the mirror and really look, if there is NOT a God how the HELL did all these wonderful people come into existance? I know its not evolution because that would be more illogical than trying to prove that God is real. Look at all the things that some of you Covet and think you cannot live a day without, how was it made? By the knowledge that God gave man in the creation of all things to be able to try to better themselves(though not being to good at it). It is up to us to really decide if as an individual we beleive in God, i know where my mind and heart is on this subject, i suggest that we all look deeper as well to see what we beleive.  (Sep 15, 2009 | post #94214)

Carlsbad Current-Argus

Carlsbad woman facing assault, burglary charges

Ok Dee, im a native to C-Bad and know a few things about how the locals think, I for one am not judging you nor do i really care about what you did or do in your life, its not my business what ANYONE does in the time God gives us on this tiny rock we call earth. I do know that if a person is convicted of said crime, the punishment will be either really lax or really harsh, not really a middle area for crimes there. If your not guilty don't get all **** hurt when people say things about you doing it, i mean after all if your the true victim why let lies bother you? Unless of course your trying to make it sound like your not guilty then that makes you the liar and heaven has no use for liars. Like i said though I personally am not saying you are the victim or aggressor in this.  (Sep 15, 2009 | post #43)