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Nov 24, 2008

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Search continues for missing girl, volunteers pull out

Well within the time frame of her "Time Sreved" and her ACTUAL release date- I'll bet she has "A" wonderful time in her new digs. Young enough to be turned out- just like she did to Haleigh-what does ANYONE think , happens to people-who are connected to "A" child crime?? She will be trashed , abused, beaten, raped, and be turned into the Pod Princess , she so thinks she is. Big Bertha or someone like her will take good care of her--BELIEVE IT . When (IF) she makes it out-Ronald won't have "A" broomstick to cornhole her with & she will be done with him too.  (Nov 20, 2010 | post #807)


Police uncover more bones in NM housing development; inve...

Seems to me that they should thoroughly investigate ALL the people who are doing the excavating job !! GOOD place to start.  (Feb 28, 2009 | post #1)

Orlando Sentinel

Casey Anthony Trial: Block photos, video in Casey Anthony...

It is all I can do to not reply to that one - two words " HOW SWEET".  (Feb 27, 2009 | post #344)

Orlando Sentinel

Casey Anthony Trial: Block photos, video in Casey Anthony...

Bless his ever innocent heart - I read your post & it touched me to hear your story . He must be so cool to be around . With the compassionate nature of that type of love , my bet is there never is anyone in need of love at your house - as he has buckets full for everyone . Bless his Heart !!  (Feb 27, 2009 | post #99)

Orlando Sentinel

Casey Anthony Trial: Block photos, video in Casey Anthony...

Damage her public persona ? Put her in a negative light ? The doll is the least of their problems , with this Narccistic physco. When Ya all had Ted Bundy gettin the juice - i was a truck driver , delivering produce to alot of major ( and not so major ) cities in your beautiful state - I remember the night before ole Teddy was getting the switch thrown on his own Physcocotic a#@ . The man on the radio said , "we need everyone to do a community service - please have your coffee made & your eggs fried before such & such time - as we need all the juice we can generate for his (ted's) execution ". As they made a joke out of making sure that they had what it took (power to throw the switch) , to guarantee his demise . They sold Tee shirts on the roadsides , with a french fry package with Ted popping out of the middle , that stated "Fry Bundy Fry". I still have the tee shirt - so put me down for another - when casey's comes out . (COULD READ "WHY MOMMY WHY".) How much more of her & her horn dog attorney do we have to put up with ? If she didn't want the photos published - then why on God's Earth did she photo bucket ? Proudly wearing an American flag - drinking up - vomiting out the overflow - Bell of the ball I do say - so why keep the good stuff out of the equation ? Is it that he only wants it ALL for himself ? My point is - times have changed since Ted Bundy - but the crimes are all the same - when the time comes to order up tee hirts or memoribillia of her deeds - there is only 2 things I hope we all remember - #1.) only buy items that do not profit ANYONE BUT a certified child abuse / victims CHARITY . And #2.)BE SURE ALL YOUR POWER IS TURNED OFF SO STARK WON'T HAVE AN ELECTRICAL SHORTAGE TO FEED HER THE JUICE . AMEN  (Feb 27, 2009 | post #91)

Orlando Sentinel

Meter reader who found Caylee's remains wants bounty hunt...

Does anyone else notice the colage of photos that was taken in the discovery pictures - that Cindy anthony is NOT in ANY of the pictures of casey's colage ??? you see her dad holding caylee but cindy is NOT in ANY of the picts. ?  (Feb 24, 2009 | post #66)

Orlando Sentinel

Kronk's attorney wants bounty hunter to shush

WHATEVER is the word for Mr.Krunk - where was it said , that Mr. Krunk took a lie detector test to see if all is above board ? Does or has anyone ever heard if he took a polygraph to put his section of this crap behind him ???? Imean 3 times a charm for this guy - who in August knew "SOMETHING " was "WRONG". He is diabolically the seer of all time - the "Bone finder to end ALL Bone finders". Hey the man is good - now can he telepathically tell us where Haliegh Cummings is ?  (Feb 23, 2009 | post #20)

Orlando Sentinel

Search continues for missing girl, volunteers pull out

Britney spears "I'm not a girl , not quiet a woman", comes to mind on this 17 yar old kid - messing with/ living at/playing mommy to TWO kids under the ages of 4 & 5 years old . He is 25 years stupid if he thinks of himself , as ANYTHING BUT a sexual preditor himself . WHAT IS THE LEGAL TENDER AGE IN FLORIDA - for two people to shack up ??Guess it gives a whole new meaning to Micheal Jackson & his sharing a bed with a kid !! I don't see where he was a responsible parent in all of this . He allowed his bed buddy to watch over his child - and it seems she wasn't capable to be in charge of an ant farm , let alone 2 little kids . This all reeks of something more that just a child gone missing from her bed - hair tests on the 17 years old should've been done , to determine WHY - just sayin - to eliminate ALL public speculation of ALL the possibilities of what could've gone wrong here - and try to find this poor child lost in the darkness she was so afraid of - God Bless Haleigh for a safe return .  (Feb 20, 2009 | post #792)

Orlando Sentinel

Lee Anthony's "CMA" speech at memorial?

Iam with you on this one - IMAGINE MALLORY'S connection to him !! I'd be dumping his *#@ if I were her - but then she HAS TO BE as strange as the rest of them .but i noticed the same thing - so you are not alone on your thoughts  (Feb 12, 2009 | post #201)

Orlando Sentinel

Casey Anthony's defense team hires new media rep

well it's been said that baez is allowed to bring in his laptop - and if he has a wireless card - then she will be able to access it all  (Feb 12, 2009 | post #383)

Orlando Sentinel

Casey Anthony's defense team hires new media rep

Isn't this special ? Hose head finally reaized an ex con can't help a future ex con , who is never going to be free to have an ex con statis . Casey will head to the table of line ups in baez's death row wing , for all he has attempted to "defend" and lost cases to . Gone will be the days of lip/ **** service - replaced by 6 hours in office "consultation s in how to find someone she killed" . Wonder how she'll spill the beans or wipe her lips long enough to tell us all how or what they "really" did all those hours when she was out on bail. Looks like a "MY LIFE" book will be cumming down the road - they fired Todd Black - WHAT A SHOCK - bet he was a cut rate employee - and Iam sure he will work for food . To disconnect now - we can look forward to his appearances on the scarey king - tissues with ms. mitchel - merideath vearra and least we never forget the today show - so come on todd do tell all the secrets we know you can pimp yourself out for - PLEASE DO NOT DISAPPOINT US .  (Feb 12, 2009 | post #377)

Orlando Sentinel

'No more pain. No more tears' - Central Floridians mourn ...

I watched caylee marie's service here in my home , on my computer ( here in Stillwater ,Oklahoma ). Through the live feed on WESH TV . Through heart felt tears & deep sadness for this beautiful lilltle Angel . I too was praying for peace at her memorial , for that day . I guess mourning for her in a public service , brings some kind of closure - if there really can be closure for anyone . The closure would be complete when either one of two things happen - casey is found guilty - or - she confesses to her crime . I believe she did it for the jealousy she felt towards her little girl - taking away the one thing , that took so much attention away from her - knowing that would be the ONE person wo would break Cindy's heart the most to loose . I feel she has enough compassion in her - for herself only - and when she got mad at her mother - she took the one thing (Caylee) and did'nt think things totally through - and this is the result of her fury .She (Casey) could've sold her (caylee) to me - I cannot have kids - and BELIEVE ME I would've loved that little girl the rest of her life . (this is not anything but a figure of speech ). So many people do not get the chance to be parents -and then one comes along & see's all the abussive behaviors , that others can do to a small child & has to wonder - "WHY" ? I will continue to pray for Caylee Marie , who is with Jesus in heaven , and for the righteousness of the just-us ( i know but to me that is how i spell it ) of this case to play out in court.Maybe i will even "write casey a letter " like george asked, but as for their part - I will also pray that " The WHOLE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE WHOLE TRUTH" , is what they will deliver when they have to take the "Witness chair ". Sign me out as , Another Stranger in the Crowd  (Feb 11, 2009 | post #67)

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