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Jun 14, 2011

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*Lovin life as a mom & wife*


C'field~~~~804 baby

I Belong To:

my children and no one else!

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm spending time with my 4 beautiful angels.

Read This Book:

The Vampire Lestat by Ann Rice (it is AMAZING)

Favorite Things:

family, hiking, family, computer games, family, travelng, family. lol. I LOVE my family.

On My Mind:

The 4 most important people in the world...... my babies. <3

I Believe In:

2nd chances, teaching children to be respectful AT ALL TIMES no matter the person or situation, co-existing peacefully with exes (although you can't always do that when some make it IMPOSSIBLE), and turning the other cheek when possible. HOWEVER..... there does come a point when a person cannot take any more crap and they will SNAP! Pick and chose your battles carefully. I will go to any means necesary to stand up for and/or protect my family. Life is too short to worry about those that don't matter.