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Nov 1, 2012

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Does my crush like me back ?

I have a crush on this guy at school. My class and his class have music and gym together and since we both are instrumental students we both have band together too. Me and him play the same instrument and when I get messed up on a note or there's a new not I don't know how to play .. he would help me even when I don't ask for it. One time he missed band so I told him what pieces we played from our music book and he showed off and was like " that's so easy " In gym, I changed and got out before him, so when we were playing basketball as a warm up he came right to the net that I was at.He's really quiet and shy around me too. When ever he sees me in the hallway at school and I look back at him he quickly turns and looks at the floor.oday, at music again, I was at the keyboards with my friend working on a mixed instrument assignment. MY friend plays a keyboard and I play the clarinet. my friend was sitting on the far left edge of the keyboard and I was sitting on the far right, there was another keyboard set up beside where i was. I left to get my music book from my desk and my crush went over to the keyboard right beside me and started playing it.But he doesn't even play a keyboard ... then i came back and sat down and he moved onto the side of his keyboard that was closer to me. These weren't the only keyboards set up ... there were 2 more at the seats in front and 2 at the seats behind us , but he still chose to come to the keyboard closest to where i was. Oh, i forgot, before that happened ... i was talking to my friend in the morning and telling her about how i got my fingers stuck in the garage door ... i was showing her where i got hurt and he was passing by and he actually leaned over a bit and took a look too.Today, we had a walk and talk recess and it looked like he was following me. He came the same way that I did but i tried to look like i didn't notice him. Then my friend got " annoyed" with me ... she wasn't mad ... it was just a joke and she kept walking faster and I acted all kidish and he looked at me and laughed a little. Also, after recess when we ere going through the door, only one of them was opened, I was infront of him and he ran and came through the door with me by his side. After what I said, do u think my crush likes me back ?  (Nov 1, 2012 | post #1)