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Dec 9, 2008

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Colorado City, TX

Child porn found in Billie Dunn's dresser; won't attend h...

now wait my daughter lives in Colorado City , Tx and she says they found it in the fiance`s dresser not Billie Dunn`s dresser now which is it ? i am asking the Colorado City news as well  (Feb 28, 2011 | post #2)

Linden, TX

please we need help in life , to live

We are desperate and do not know what to do please find a way to help us Or better yet how can we help ourselves ? Please Could you help me , us PLEASE.I have been prescribed Buspirone for depression Thru the Emergency Room here and am unable to to afford to see a Doctor to get. Refills is there any help out there ? I am having to get help To apply For disability as well due to neck problems and am unable to afford To see a Doctor please any help would be wonderful my fiance My Sole Provider just got out of jail he was in Shreveport La.For a crime he did commit and will pay , is paying for . He and I are Desperately seeking help . To aide us until he is able To find work Truth be Told when he does find work . it would be at The least 2 weeks or more until he got a paycheck and elect is due now As well as rent being past due and our phone bill being due 12/29/2008 If you know of any resources we could tap into please let me know ? We have extended the due date on our phone bill our landlord is trying So hard to work with us and not evict us we are $600 behind We have been In touch with the Bowie Cass Elect Coop here and they refuse to Help us the by laws for this Bowie Cass elect Coop say in order to get help We have to be with them for 12 months or longer and due to having To move for work , deaths in the famile . Each time we have moved if we Moved within Bowie Cass Elect coops region instead of carrying the acct over they Create another new acct . Therefore it has been impossible to meet the 12 Month limit to get help from them . WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE PLEASE Thank you William Jones & Patricia Ruzicka [email protected] 1804 Texas Highway 11 County Road 1352 Linden Tx 75563  (Dec 22, 2008 | post #1)