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Dec 10, 2007

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He's done it again! Pregnant man expecting for second time.

Hey heres an few ideas, how about we all stop using God and Jesus as an excuse to be narrow minded biggots? How about we just let people live their lives and be who they want to be? How would the rest of you like it if I started telling you how to live your life? You wouldnt like it very much would you? Now I'm not telling you to "Like" Thomas, but what I am saying is let Bigons be bigons and let him live his life. His first born is a VERY beautiful girl who will grow up to be a beautiful woman. What you all are doing is being rude, immature children just because you dont happen to like the way some one is. Grow up, seriously. Now im not entirely siding on Thomas's part, I am a Female To Male transexual but ther is no way on earth I would bear a child, but its his choice and I support him for being who he wants to be. Is this all too hard to ask? Oh and if your going to quote from the bible at least be prepared to defend yourself and not brush it off. Love thy neighbor. ~Kristopher Age 18  (Feb 2, 2009 | post #36)

The Brandon Teena Story: Collector's Edition

Brandon is the proof that hatred goes a long way and HIS death will never be forgotten. As for Lana, yes there was alot of things she could have done differently but put yourself in her shoes and think about it. We all talk about how we would have done things different in certian situations where people have done studpid or ignorant stuff, but if you were in that spot at that perticular time logic isnt exactly running through your mind. Im pretty sure Lana is constantly going over the possibilities of what she could have done to help him before he was killed. Things get hard and were not always in our right minds when we need to be, not even the smartest of us all. Bandon will always be remembered and talked about in the years to come. I am a transman like Brandon and in my 18 years of life I have never been more dissapointed in the human race and its hypocritical and biggitory hatred torwards people who are different. Rest In Peace Brandon.  (Jan 25, 2009 | post #32)

Pope Benedict XVI Wants to Save Humanity From Homosexuality

Buzz I dont think you have any right speaking of matters you know nothing about. Are you transgendered? If not then you have no right to speak about GID when you do not have it.  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #26333)

Pope Benedict XVI Wants to Save Humanity From Homosexuality

Buzz not to be rude but YOU sound like the crazzy one here. There IS a difference between sexuality and gender. Are you going to try and tell me im a lesbian when I fully see myself as a heterosexual man? I have been in a relationship with my, now fiance, of 5 years.  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #26329)

Our view: There's no harm in a club for gay students

I was the president of my school Gay, Straight Alliance. I founded the club my freshman year(9th grade) and it wasnt allowed until my sophmore(10th grade) year because the school was fighting against it. It took 2,000 signitures from th student body to allow it to happen and once it was started there was no "Gay agenda" alot of the time we talked about discrimination of ALL kinds and just had fun playing games, having debates, and just being teens. I organized an assembly my junior year (11th grade)to talk about HIV/AIDS/STD protection, the whole club, which was about 300 students, all went down to the Health Department and got tested. We even worked together with the Christians In Action club that was at my school to raise money for both our clubs. It was a great club and I'm quite proud of the advances I made in my school with it.  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #236)

Pope Benedict XVI Wants to Save Humanity From Homosexuality

It is also posted in the Transgender Forum aswell  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #26309)

Pope Benedict XVI Wants to Save Humanity From Homosexuality

Ha, Homosexuality is NOT a disease, show me the medical books that show you are right, then MAYBE I will beleive you. And people HIDE behind religion because they are afraid.  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #26300)

Pope Benedict XVI Wants to Save Humanity From Homosexuality

Heh your funny. If Homosexuality is a sin is being transgendered and Pagan at the same time even bigger of a sin? Im going to appologise now to all members of the LGBT community that are christian or catholic or any denomination branched off that, but I find that any religion daming its own people for being who they are to be a disgrace. God is all loving? Its a load of BS in my opinion, then again this is MY opinion. I've watched too many of my friends deny themselves who they really are because of fear and hatred, I've seen too many of my freinds kill themselves because of the hatred they have recieved from family and people they thought would love them no matter what. Rev Alvin Sharkton, YOU are a prime example as to why children, teens, and adults alike are in fear for their lives. People like you are the reason why I dispise most religions. I hope you can be happy knowing that your religious bindings are one of the main causes why 33% of LGBT youth have succeeded in suicide, and why over 50% of the LGBT community have attemped suicide. The suicide rate for the LGBT community is 4x's that of the heterosexual community. Have a wonderful day, hope your hate gets you what you want in the end. Kristopher M. Williams Age 18.  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #26285)

Florida conservatives fight transgender restroom rule

Im in florida and I am a Female-to-Male transexual, when ever I go out I try to refrain from using the Womans restroom but when the need arises I use the men's room because i pass 95% of the time. What the conservatives and religious bible thumpers are doing is wrong on so many levels. I am a Man, I do not consider myself a woman nor have I ever or ever will. I agree in keeping thoes who do not belong in the opposite sex's restroom out BUT there is a VERY THICK line between a man walking into a woman's restroom out of pure spite or criminal behavior and a transgender woman walking into the womans restroom to do her buisness. I may be only 18 but I see the world around me far better than alot of the people I know and their hate and dislike for people who are different in their eyes is sickening. If the binary works for YOU, by all means work it!But dont DAMN me for walking a different path. I beleive black and white is for news papers NOT for people. We are all different shades of the rainbow. We are bodies, minds, and souls, NOT Caricatures. You all cling to the illusion of the binary; the only thing you have ever known. Your "truths" only serve to keep us in bondage. I intend to contradic your absolutes everyday that I breath. You cannot and will not abort my vision for myself and for humanity. I used to ask myself "Will they ever be happy with who i am?" Now i ask this "Will they ever be happy with what THEY are and let the rest of us live in peace?" My name is Kristopher M. Williams and I am a Female-to-Male transexual fighting to lvie my life as I see fit. The ultimate power lies within each one of us. We are the stewards of our own destinies.  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #910)


Christmas Has Become a Pagan Holiday According to Christi...

Christmas is bcomming a halmark holiday. BEWARE HALMARK AND WAL-MART AND TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!rofl  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #15)

Cross Dressing Event at School Causes Controversy

oh come on they are just a bunch of little kids for crying out loud, we had the same day this year in the elementry school which is a part of my high school, it was cute seeing all the kids goofing off and messing with eachother ALL OUT OF FUN!!! Nothing wrong with this let kids be kids.  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #15)



This is just amazing, it kind of schocked me that something like this could happen. I hope the child does well and lives a long healthy life.  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #6)


Pagan Chat

i beat my school i beat my school WOOT!!! I feel very accomplished right now lol, my school was against me wearing a tux to my senior prom seeing as Physically i am still a girl and regarded as such in my school, so a few phone calls and some talking with the ACLU and i won, my school is letting me into prom ^^  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #390)

Oregon Man Says He's Pregnant

EXACTLY!  (Apr 9, 2008 | post #222)


Opinion?? Was i right to say what i did???

O_O Gah all i wanted was an opinion on a post i made...I didnt want it to turn into THIS, im NOT looking for sympathy SEEK HELP, hell i HATE getting sympathized upon, and seriously, stop calling me a child. Who the hell said im blaming my problems on me being transgendered?!?!?! And you dont see many posts from me on this Topic because well right at the moment im grounded because of my grades, so im kind of sneaking on the computer right now while my mom is out. All i wnted was an opinion on if my ORIGINAL post went too far while on another website, Jeeze... -_-  (Apr 8, 2008 | post #160)

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