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Sep 26, 2012

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Tucson, AZ

Christanity vs. Dinosaurs & pehistoric man

Why do so many people believe the Bible is a factual history of the world? Let's see. The Bible has been translated into over 450 languages (There are over 100 translations into the English language alone). Some versions of the Bible have more or less chapters than others, and contain different information than others. There comes a time when a person must accept the fact that the modern Bible is not the same one that existed when it was originally written. It has been altered, rewritten, and picked apart and put back together by so many people that to take everything in it as absolute fact is naive at best. In the Middle Ages, for example, the Bibles that came out of those times were written by illiterate artist monks who simply copied the letters as they saw them. Many of them had no idea what it said. Many of those Bibles contain massive errors and inconsistencies. How can one defend these books as gospel when there are many passages that cannot be translated because they make no sense? The words are created out of letters that did not exist. The words were misspelled, the sentences inverted and mangled.  (Jan 2, 2013 | post #58)

Tucson, AZ

Christanity vs. Dinosaurs & pehistoric man

I have researched this because it seemed outrageous to me, and found that this is merely fantastical supposition from religious affiliated organizations. It is not in any way supported by any scientific community. Putting forward outrageous evidence is only effective if there is unbiased support from those who do believe in the Christian versions of history and those who do not. Currently, there are no non-religious based organizations that support these claims.  (Jan 2, 2013 | post #57)

Tucson, AZ

Tucson Neighborhoods

I've lived in Tucson for almost 7 years. I moved here from Pennsylvania (which until now I thought was the least cultured and most boring place to live). When I got here I was excited about starting out in a new place, but that quickly faded. Tucson is nice enough in the winter, but summers are ridiculous, even air conditioners and swamp coolers cannot keep up with the oppressive heat. My car has been broken into twice, my house once (and I live in one of the so-called safe areas). Finding anything interesting and fun to do requires at least two hours of driving (and that's dubious because you've still only made it to Phoenix), given that there are few places other than a couple clubs and restaurants here. You may not even get there, because people seem to enjoy ramming their cars into each other, or maybe they just cannot figure out how to control their cars on a flat, dry, straight road with a larger lane width than most cities in the world. Housing prices are atrocious, what I know as a "starter " home (1 floor, 2 bedrooms), which goes for about 60,000-80,000 anywhere else I've seen, goes for over 110,000 in Tucson if you want to be in a place where you won't get shot or lose everything you own the moment you walk out your door. Truly, if one is moving to Tucson, there is not really anywhere in the city that is "safe" unless you pay a ton of money to live with the rich people, and expect to replace several cars if you plan to spend any serious time here. (By the way, many people have little to no insurance so make sure you carry full coverage if you want your car fixed after someone t-bones or rear-ends it). Oh and if you like vibrant nature, avoid this place like the plague. Most of the nature around here looks sun-baked and half dead. The rest will try to kill you. Needless to say, as soon as I am finished with college, I plan to shake the dirty Tucson off my shoes and head back to a place that has people who know how to drive and haven't allowed a bunch of gang bangers and garbage to take over and destroy something that I've heard used to be a decent place to live. Not to mention trees...  (Oct 17, 2012 | post #37)

Tucson, AZ

Why is faith falling in the US?

I think it is not a question of faith in God, or a god, or anything spiritual that is falling. People's faith/trust in clergy (especially as regards the major organized religious institutions) seems to be falling, and it could have to do with past years of religious-related scandal and society seeing people who are supposed to be leading them spiritually going to jail, covering up criminal activity, and any number of non-righteous behaviors. In the age of the internet and pervasive social networking, secrets don't stay secrets long, and people aren't willing to put their trust in someone who claims to be a priest (or any other term), but is a registered sex offender. These types of things were not easily found out before the age of information. A person's past mistakes stayed in the past. Almost all of the people I know from work, college, and anywhere I've had these types of conversations seem to put it in similar terms. They are more interested in having a personal or one-on-one relationship with their god(s) depending on their religion, be it Christianity or any other religion. They don't see why there needs to be a middleman, and they don't think mindless repetition is the key to living a righteous or spiritual life.  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #301)

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Tucson, AZ

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