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Jul 4, 2013

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you think its feeling better until...

While your resting the feet you think they are feeling better until try and walk on them... I wonder sometimes maybe, the feet/ankles are just stiff from resting them... But pain is sure real... Is resting them the way or not???  (Jul 6, 2013 | post #1)


Gout in my anckle

Colchicine... My Dr prescribed this to be taken at the first sign of a gout attack. Can this be used when you've been in an acute attack for a week??? I didn't get it filled because I was afraid of it tearing up my stomach... Thanks...  (Jul 4, 2013 | post #17)


So confused...

Hi, I'm having my 3rd acute gout attack since the beginning of June. I've been on Allopurinol since 2010. It has really worked well for me, with only getting very very few mild gout episodes. Well that all changed this June and it's continuing into July... Now to my confusion. My husband says he thinks I should not stay off my feet and resting feet,right now I have it in both my feet. He feel the feet will just get stiff from all the sitting around. Is he right or wrong? Should just ignore the pain go about my day? Secondly, should I be doing heat or cold to help me relieve some of the pain? I'm just using Tynenol now, because the prescribed med tore up my stomach... Any and all help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...  (Jul 4, 2013 | post #1)