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Jun 1, 2012

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Christiansburg, VA

Obama-Marriage - Christiansburg, VA

Not all married couples "procreate " and you can "procreate " without marriage so your statement doesn't make any sense. With over 7 billion people in the world, food shortages, social security running out, overcrowded schools, teacher layoffs, lack of health insurance, lack of jobs, orphanages overcrowded and running out of funds, people losing their homes, and so on, the last thing we need is more "procreation ". If you think that marriage is only for procreation then I'm sure you've never had sex before marriage and I'm also sure when you did or do have sex it is only to procreate and not out of lust or perversion. Same-sex couples aren't so concerned about the perfect little wedding in a big pretty church; they want the same "rights" as everyone else that is married. Why should 2 people that love each other, that have worked most of their lives to get a house, cars, investments, and more together, be denied equal rights and tax breaks because the government doesn't support their lifestyle? They've paid in the same taxes as everyone else, they've even paid their part for schools for all the children that are here due to procreation. What happens if one of them passes away and the state didn't recognize their civil union or domestic partnership so the other person loses everything they worked so hard for to the deceased's next of kin? Maybe you would need to be in that situation to understand. It wasn't that long ago that blacks and whites couldn't marry and the same thing would happen to them. You can pretty much bet the black person in the relationship ended up with nothing. But as humans we evolve and learn to accept people and their lifestyles. Does it really affect you in any way? If same-sex couples get married please tell me how it will impact your life?  (Jun 1, 2012 | post #3)