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Oct 22, 2013

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Wiley Murders in Thermopolis, wy

I have been reading some of these posts, and they have just made me sick! First off.. I want to say, I am so sorry to you Lenora Creek Moore. That you have to read words from arrogant people. The one who is defending or justifying what happened to her. Like she deserved it. It isn't right and I am sorry! What I have to say next, or the phrase I am going to write, I mean no disrespect to you or your family. Now for you... B-W-G-F, have you not heard the phrase "you shouldn't talk about the dead, for they are not here to defend themselves?" We'll I am telling you now!! I grew up with Michael, aka "James, Jamie, Mike." We went to school together, even played together a time or two when we were young. My younger sister was friends with him. He was well liked by all, "WHO" thought they knew him, but what he did that day on Nov. 24th 1990... Was the most horrible and terrible thing anyone can do to someone!!! His step mom Beckie, was just as much a victim as his precious little brothers were. You are posting stuff about her on here, where her family can see, and you are getting this information from someone who took her life, as well as the lives of his little brothers... Who by the way...loved him very much! You should be ASHAMED of yourself, that you have such a LACK of DISRESPECT FOR SOMEONE WHO IS NO LONGER HERE, because Michael took that right away from her and his little brothers!! I remember working at my aunts Day Care and taking care of his littlest brother and how much he loved his BIG BROTHER, who would come pick him up after school a time or two, and to have thought Michael LOVED HIM, JUST AS MUCH! He FOOLED AND LIED TO US ALL!! Then for you to post stuff on here.."you clearly, have no idea about" all because he told you that stuff. SHAME ON YOU "B-W-G-F "!! For those of us..( their family/friends and for all of the community, that has had to live with this everyday, since that terrible tragic day, and what it did to our Peaceful Safe Little Town) I pray for us all! It has haunted our town for years and I believe it will be a memory, none of us will forget!  (Oct 22, 2013 | post #304)

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