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May 29, 2014

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Violent Crime

About the most dreadful crime ever in Spain

Please, watch it to read how dreadful this multiple crime was: http://www.cncpuni showthread.php?940 0-Alcasser-teenage -girls-case-Spain  (Jun 28, 2014 | post #2)

Violent Crime

About the most dreadful crime ever in Spain

I'm a 34 years old male from Spain and I wanna tell you how the most dreadful crime ever in Spain was, just "Alcasser girls" multiple crime, which took place near Valencia city back on 1992. By the official story manipulated by the media coverage and the Spaniards high-ranking intelligence, three teenage girls were savagely tortured by two low-level criminal drugs, but once reading more about this dreadful crime, the official story seems to be partially or even totally fake. There is a book written by a criminologist called as Juan Ignacio Blanco, which shows and explain too many inconsistencies of the fake official story. Well, I would like to know if I can narrating that book without breaking any rule here. I need to pointed out that this is not like, for instance, Madeleine McCann case, which had a huge media coverage and almost everyone know something about it. Alcasser case happened in 1992 and nobody know about that abroad, and the very few non-Spaniards people that know that, I'm sure they only know the fake official story. I hope Google maps screenshots are available here to show you such things as how the disappearance of the three girls happened in the streets of Alcasser town. The book was censored by Spanish government in 1998 because comfront the official story, but still is on internet, and it is linked in some Spanish forums as the autor of the book allows people to speak about this crime on internet. In fact, he still speaks nationwide about that in order to search the truth. I would like to relate it the most accurate way to the original book. The book has 26 chapters which shows everything about the inconsistencies of the multiple crime of those three teenage girls. The most detailed accounts of it could be the autopsies reports, but I think it's not extremely frightening. There are some threads on some Spaniards forum which claimed for the truth of that crime, as the official story seems to be mostly fake, so I would like to show to English speakers what we say there about the fake official story and about what really could happened there. I look forward to advice for it. I'm still not fully fluent in English language, but I will do my best.  (May 29, 2014 | post #1)