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Mar 29, 2007

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Riverside, CA

Riverside sheriff's arrest 8 during prostitution sting

Most of us have been screwed by the police more times than we have a prostitute. Only difference is when the police do the screwing, they're the only one getting any enjoyment out of the situation and in the end, they cost you a lot more money. Sex is one of the only things I know of, that is perfectly legal among consenting adults, as long as it's free.  (Jul 22, 2009 | post #6)

Pahrump, NV

Pahrump goes under martial (trash) law

For years I was forced to deal with an unscrupulous trash company in Riverside California. The city of Riverside had a similar ordinance for all businesses operating within city limits. This shady garbage company had it's tentacles wrapped around many people at city haul and the abuse to business owners was tremendous. The city would even do the billing and collecting for the trash company which really made for a disaster. If you paid your electric bill, the city would first apply your payment toward any outstanding trash bill and the remainder was applied to your electric. I can't begin to tell you how many times a business would have their electric turned off right after they paid the electric bill because of this questionable practice. It got so bad that the city finally told the trash company that they had to start billing and collecting for the service they provide just like every other business on the planet does. Of course this began a whole new cycle of problems and lawsuits since the trash company sent everyone a statement claiming they already owed thousands of dollars from service they have already supplied. When the business owner would try to audit this unorthodox trash billing mystery, it became impossible since our checks were just written to the city of Riverside so we never knew how they applied the money, trash, electric, water, who knows. Anyway these are some of the things citizens should be aware of when questioning your city council about how this contract is going to work. I'm sure it will become a nightmare for all involved!  (Apr 20, 2009 | post #6)

Riverside, CA

"Let My Students Drink!"

Well lets face it, the simple fact that when a person turns 18, they are considered an adult and are completely responsible for their own actions. They can sign contracts and as adults, are legally bound by them. They can join the military, or in times of war, be drafted into the services and drug into a war. They can be trained to hold a gun, point it at another human being and pull the trigger, thus killing another human being. Why is it that they are not able to choose whether they want to have a drink or not? If parents haven't taught their children to think and act responsibly by the time they are 18 and legal adults, I don't see how they are going to learn it on their own between the ages of 18 and 21.  (Jan 24, 2009 | post #2)

Walnut Creek, CA

Man dies after fall from hood of car

Alcoholism is a disease the same way leukemia is a bad habit. Becoming an alcoholic can happen to anyone. The only thing it takes is some alcoholic mosquito biting you and you can die of alcoholism. West Nile is another bad habit. People sitting around stagnant pools of water while they're half naked, just begging the mosquito's to bite them so they can catch a West Nile Buzz! Then they drive home covered in mosquito bites and end up killing innocent people who didn't have any mosquito bites on them at all. Then it's the same old story,,,, I only had three bites! Yep, alcoholism, like most common diseases, can happen when you least expect it. Scientist's have found that people who come down with alcoholism, often drink to excess. So getting drunk is evidently one common trait that has linked many of these cases together. Remember, just say NO to Alzheimer's!  (Jan 12, 2009 | post #42)

Pahrump, NV

Anti-police Forum

I suppose God told you this in person huh? and just because someone was categorized as being a "special education" student, or "special needs" child growing up, doesn't make them special people.  (Jan 10, 2009 | post #1195)

Los Angeles County, CA

Tagger Heading To Prison In Plea Deal

This is because business and I'm talking about big business, is where the money that keeps cities, states and our country's government operating comes from. But it is not just the criminal justice system that is directed by money, our entire government is guided and controlled by money and of course, the largest sources of that moneyI don't see how the criminal act of tagging is influenced by bananas or pineapples. Lets try to stay on topic hereI was trying to lease my building out asap and so I did what I thought would get me there in the most expeditious way possible. I didn't really feel like bothering the mayor or chief of police. I did have the police come out and they took photos of the mess. That was the last I heard from themFirst of all, my building was in an area zoned M-1 and the property taxes for that zoning are higher than they are for residential zoning. I also pay taxes on the businesses "fixtures " and I have to collect and pay to the board of equalization, the state sales tax I collect. So I do more than my share of paying taxes. Second, I was not trying to sound like only my interest was at stake. I posted the information I did, because you stated that tagging is basically a victimless crime, which is complete BS! There are many victims and not just the property owners where the graffiti appears. It brings the value of all surrounding properties down as well. So I was trying to explain to you that it is not a victimless crime. I guess I wasn't clear on that pointMany of these taggers are not "children " Plenty of them are of an adult age and most of them are certainly old enough to know better, they just don't care. They don't care because they come from homes where the parents don't care, don't try to better themselves and don't spend enough time involving themselves in their child's life. In fact, here in Riverside, the graffiti problem has been reduced by a considerable amount. It was possible because the city began going after the taggers parents in civil court and winning judgments against the parents. These judgments become permanent liens on any property they may own, so they will have to pay some day. Since this began happening, parents suddenly decided to watch their little angels much closer. Their stake became a financial one, so they started doing what they should have done years ago, grounding these little punks and keeping them on a tight leash!  (Jan 10, 2009 | post #17)

Pahrump, NV

Anti-police Forum

Amen! The first criminals they should shoot are the one's wearing a badge and uniform!  (Jan 8, 2009 | post #1193)

Los Angeles County, CA

Tagger Heading To Prison In Plea Deal

A victimless crime? Let me tell you about my experience with tagging so you have some first hand information. Then let me know if you still believe it's a victimless crime. I had a business in Riverside where I purchased a 30,000 sq. foot building. When I moved my business to a different location, I decided to lease or rent out my building. First, I paid a professional painting company roughly fifteen thousand dollars to paint the exterior of the building with the trim highlighted in a different color. I also had the steel roof done with an asphalt type of finish at another $2000.00 When the painting was completed, I listed the building for lease and received several calls from interested parties. I scheduled appointments with several potential Tennant's to come out and look over the building. When I arrived there to show an interested party, I was shocked to discover some tagging team couldn't resist the temptation of having a brand new shiny clean surface to use as their own canvas. They even tagged the roof! None of the interested parties even considered leasing the building after seeing all the ugly scribblings a group of scum bags sprayed all over my building. The painting contractor cleaned it up for about one half the original cost. Then I installed a fence with barbed wire and put a couple of dogs in the yard area and had a monitored alarm system installed which was several hundred for the installation and fifty dollars a month to the monitoring service. I did eventually get it leased, but i was delayed about two months cleaning the place back up and having the fence put up. So, if I was to remove say twenty five thousand dollars from your bank account because I wanted to go to Vegas and express myself on the crap table, would that be a victimless crime? Had I caught Antoinette's brother tagging my building, I would be the one in jail right now,,, for manslaughter!  (Jan 8, 2009 | post #14)

Wichita, KS

Search for missing Kansas boy goes nationwide

The Herrmans owned a masonry business, so if anyone has had any concrete work done or maybe a wall built by the Herrmans, say ten years ago, well, you might want to start chipping away at that discolored spot,,,, it may not be rusted re=bar after all,,,  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #21)

Wichita, KS

Search for missing Kansas boy goes nationwide

Yeah, that's believable. The last time the biological father saw the boy he was 18 months old. He was adopted when he was 2 years old by these two nut cases, who didn't want him to know his biological family. Yet at 11 years old, these people want us to believe that they thought he went back to his biological parents? What resources could an 11 year old boy possibly have and turn to, that would enable him to learn who his biological parents were, where they lived and then get him to wherever they lived? Hell the adoptive parents lived in a mobile home park, so how much cash could this 11 year old have socked away? However, if this is what they believed, how do they explain the followingSo they lied to their own family members, claiming they brought him back to Social Services when they were asked about him ten years ago, but now they think he just traveled the country at 11 years old, until he found his biological parents??? Anyone want to bet on how long it takes before these two disgusting excuses for human beings, start pointing a finger at each other?  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #20)

Riverside, CA

pulled into a rest area and seen

Hey thanks for posting about your experience with shit. I was wondering if maybe, back in 1982, you didn't get a little of that Drunk Biker Shit between your ears? Because the only thing I could think of, that would have someone studying the placement of splattered shit so thoroughly, that they would recognize the pattern as being the same one they studied 27 years earlier, then posting such useless information about the experience, is that you must have shit for brains!  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #3)

Pahrump, NV


Thousand or two, depending on whether you have a coupon or not,,,  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #3)

Pahrump, NV

Anti-police Forum

Yipee, Horaaaay, Yafuckinhoooooo! Two of the four will be back within a week and the other two will be back in a month,,,, with two friends each!- Maybe CCDC needs to start tagging them like big horn sheep. This way our government can follow their migratory progress across the country,,, I'll bet if we were to make it legal to own slaves again, you would see a rush for the border!  (Jan 7, 2009 | post #1188)

Santa Clarita, CA

Four teens escape from Southern California juvenile hall

This must be the Thug/Gangsta thread, where reading a post by someone with an education is like searching for BigFoot. Real hard to find and no one with a brain would even try looking, since it's something that can't exist!  (Dec 13, 2008 | post #93)

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