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Jan 26, 2012

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I am back after a long break from Topix

Orders are coming in and I will have feedback on the way. Two legit venders will vouch for me. Dom and Persius have both done transactions with me in the past along with many others who are no longer on topix. Check me out with these vendors and rest assured that I am a straight shooter. I DELIVER AND YOU WILL NOT GET SCAMMED. I AIM TO PLEASE!  (Sep 15, 2012 | post #3)

I am back after a long break from Topix

Hit me up folks, I can take care of your needs and I have a variety of products. US to US and I accept Paypal  (Sep 15, 2012 | post #2)

I am back after a long break from Topix

I am legit and have procured a line of benzos. If you are interested, I am a trusted, long time member and will take care of your needs. More info to come. PM me for my addy and I will fill you in on products, prices, and payment terms.  (Sep 15, 2012 | post #1)

Domestic ksol 1mg Xanax 1.50

Dom, would you PM me with your current email please? I haven't been around. Glad to still see you here. Thankfully a few of the sketchy ones have moved on  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #892)

Domestic ksol 1mg Xanax 1.50

Trikas work really well for me also  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #857)

Domestic ksol 1mg Xanax 1.50

Dom is not a scam ....he has been consistantly providing a reliable service since before you were around. I have dealt with him many times. Read the beginning of the thread and dont't be a jackass. He comes through every time and is a good person in general  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #856)

Xanax bars,suboxone 8s,Roxi 30 blues and Ketamine for sale

scammer, prove me wrong....beware. don't buy from this idiot  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #2)

topix is sooooo ate up. There are only a few legits

dom usa, atwitsend...other than them the rest are thiefs.. if I am wrong post your names and be willing to prove yourself. we need a way to weed out the scammers. prove it or lose it. I have been aroung for a while and have not been scammed. lets see some legits step up. where is the oneandonlylegit?  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #1)

Xanax bars,Adderall 30mg,Norco 10s,Opana 40s and subutex...

hey douchebag, can you prove that you have product? I will buy $1000 to start if you send me some samples, but I doubt you are legit. send me 2 of each and we can do business. there are too many scammers on here and I will not send money first. you have to spend money to make money. I can get this shit from India for a fraction. Lets do some business and send me the shit and we will both profit, but I sense you are a scam  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #2)

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look here. you have no product. you cant prove otherwise. send me one of each at your expense and I will promote you. I guarantee you can't even do that so gtfo of here and don't come back. If you have the stuff then cool I will make sure you are a success. otherwise I will hunt you down.  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #3)

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Give me a break! you are screaming scam. send me a free sample. its takes money to make money and yourj post is the same as every other scammer. prove me wrong wanker. send me some of that stuff and I will promote you, but my guess is that you don't have anything  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #3)

Xanax Bars, Dillies 8mg and Subs 8s available for sale

Dude, can you prove that you are legit? 99% of peeps on here are not. I have a rep.....send me some samples and I will vouch for you and post pics of all your product. Otherwise I will bust your ars every single day until you give up. So my friend, put up or shut up. Peeps on topix are sick as hell of scammers.  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #2)

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this guy is a fake. Do not buy from him until he is proven. I have been around long enough to know. until this person proves himself by sending product there is no proof that he even has anything. send me samples and I may promote you after further consideration. Otherwise is will cut you off and you will did i mention you will fail? use usa domestic or other proven vendors. med76....send me some samples or I will crush you.. I'm sick of scammers  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #2)

Xanax,Percs,Dillies,Opana,Roxy 30s,Oxy Oc,Nubain for sale

this guy is fake. prove me wrong. I know a fake and he must prove himself. don't buy from this person. send some samples, which I know you don't have. It costs money to make money. I have been around enough to vouch for you if you are for real. If you wanna make some money hook me up with product and I will promote you. Otherwise you are a scammer and no-one should consider buying from you. I will continue with this until you are proven  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #5)

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scammer beware! this guy has nothing....prove me wrong douchebag!  (Aug 27, 2012 | post #3)