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Feb 6, 2013

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Ocean Springs, MS

ocean springs school board interviews

If I knew Timmy could be terminated early for his violations I would sing like a canary. But if not, I will hold my tongue for another year when community outrage at his actions will be critical to his removal. Let me assure you Timmy has a friendly circle of politicians and good old boys close by. He has abused his power on the school board for his own personal gain and for his friends as well. Wake up Ocean Springs and start asking questions... Several administrators were fired from the school district this year (from assistant superintendent to assistant principal to teacher to coach) , for reasons of misuse of OSSD funds, getting drunk on school trip, conflict of interest and because they were known to be gaining in their own financial business because a friend gave them a contract. Why do they get recorded as resignations? To hide the dirty secrets from the community? Why did Hirsch go into early retirement? Remember the sun herald article of their lack of proper handling when a coach was having relationships with a student. All Hirsch did was try and make it go away quietly before putting bad press on the school. This happens more than the community realizes. What goes on in closed sessions of the Board that the public has a right to know? Yes they are volunteers on the job but remember it is school funds they control and your kids their actions affect. Sun herald should inquire on how much the school board spends in legal fees a year trying to sweep things under the rug. OSSD is full of bad people and have to constantly defend them with tax payer dollars when they could use it on our kids education if they would take out the trash and stop tap dancing to appear like a wonderful place. OSSD is full of good ole boys and will continue to be controlled by a select few unless we as a community wise up and demand answers to many questions that start in that Board room. The community has a right to know as it is our money in the school budget. Take out the trash and protect the future of our beautiful city.  (Feb 6, 2013 | post #32)

Ocean Springs, MS

ocean springs school board interviews

Taranto needs to be the next board member to go. He supported Walker and lobbied for her with the Aldermen. Why? Cause he is a very tainted man himself. I hope all remember that when his term comes up. Does anyone know if a board member can be removed before their term ends for questionable actions that can be brought to the Aldermen and Mayor's attention before the term ends? If so,chances are he can be taken off now if truth be told.  (Feb 6, 2013 | post #30)