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Feb 3, 2007

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1000 Sting of Scorpion to you


Jurassic, Indiana


Timbuktu Moneywood

Local Favorites:

The Taliban Pub & Grill

I Belong To:

AK-47 Shooter Club

When I'm Not on Topix:

Osama plan move to new coach job for more infidel American money.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

They will SMASH YOU

I'm Listening To:

Me Osama bin-Saban on radio

Read This Book:

The Koran with pictures

Favorite Things:

Infidel American dollar. Shoot AK-47

On My Mind:

Take new coach job for more infidel American dollar and shoot AK-47.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

Taliban Over Here Taliban Over There Taliban Everywhere

I Believe In:

Infidel American Dollar, Osama Ego, Osama bin-Sabin break GUINESS BOOK OF RECORD for coach jobs in one lifetime. Shooting AK-47, Play mind game with infidel America.