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Nov 19, 2009

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Graphic Design

Do you have a vision? We can bring it to life.

Clever Girl Design Studio is dedicated to promoting any person and/or company with all aspects of their design from logo design to the final business sign on the building. We believe in collaborating with our clients to display the unique images they seek. We offer a variety of different services, depending on our clientsÂ’ needs. This is a partial list of the types of services we have offered up to now, but there is always the possibility that we will add more options to the list, depending on demand. The current list includes: - Logo Design - Ad Design - Sketches - Sign Design - CD/DVD Covers - Business Cards - Brochures - Newsletters - PTA / Business Flyers Now offering Vinyl Banners, signs and vehicle graphics Visit us on the web at www.clevergirldesi today!  (Jul 24, 2010 | post #1)

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We bring visons to life


Buffalo, NY


Buffalo, NY

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Burger King, Walden Galleria Mall

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My art

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I am advertising my business or working an a project

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I can help you with your business needs

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Lady Gaga. Madonna

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Harry Potter books

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My art, my kids, my hubby

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Why people lie

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