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Sep 19, 2013

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Why Should Jesus Love Me?

i rep optuionks hood team bmp sow i serv hip[ hop aposrtriofy team me ,co mMMMMMMMMMM,yah,am back again just like it rain again... Any one hear? U deef? Come near cox i rule this shit 4rm the head 2 da feet. My rap 4kin clear u probably need a glass to stear. Am back 4 one tin,and that x rocking da mic my lyrics are complex ,i knw you al can c. Ham adicted 2 da hood lyk and i c*henecy* am the mic maker,tha rap creator,da mentor and i can lyricaly assasinate ya all my lyrical combat kan make u blind let me cee you flow like a supa sta. You cant homie cox you are a minor sta i train little rappes lik it my staff. (  (Sep 19, 2013 | post #593292)