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Oct 15, 2011

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"NCIS" charms as it ages

I'm a huge tv series fan. I like watching the [URL= earancedvdprices.c om/one-tree-hill-s easons-dvd-set/]On e tree hill dvds[/URL] because it feels like something fresh and at the same time more emotional. Some episodes have incredible and beautiful stories, that reminds movies like "stand by me" or the first episodes of dawson's creek, it's that kind of innocence and at the same time deep drama where the whole cast make a terrific(unforgett able) work. Ever since I was a child I liked the Dr Who series and I used to hide behind the sofa whenever the Daleks appeared. I think it must have been the voice. But over time the whole idea lost so much of its charm that it became a real pain to watch. Watching the [URL= earancedvdprices.c om/doctor-who-seas ons-dvd-set/]Docto r Who dvds[/URL] I was transported back to those days, in so much as I felt just as I did back then. After I've watched the [URL= earancedvdprices.c om/spooks-the-comp lete-seasons-dvd-s et/]Spooks dvds[/URL] I totally recommend it, because the acting, direction, editing, cinematography, writing... simply outstanding. Highly entertaining, it also provides deep characterization and a powerful humanitarian message. But, after watching the [URL= earancedvdprices.c om/ncis-set-season s-box-set/]Ncis dvds[/URL] I can say that I like it because it is a skillful balance of humor and serious drama , and what a complex character, that Leroy Jethro Gibbs!  (Oct 16, 2011 | post #2)


Ncis: the Musical

Now would that would be a sight for sore eyes: musical :)  (Oct 16, 2011 | post #3)