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May 25, 2014

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Events for students and young - TLS Group

Not everything in the life is about working and studying, you also need to have fun. We are committed on not only helping you with services making your stay as comfortable as possible, but we want to make sure you will also have fun. Our events are prepared taking into account the needs of our community. For this reason we are interested in your opinion. Tell us what you like: Name: Email: Telephone: City of interest: I would like to attend events related to ______ Read more: http://www.tlsgrou  (Apr 9, 2015 | post #1)

Business News

Westward Housing Group: Treating you fairly and respectfully

Westward is committed to treating all people with fairness and respect. We aim to actively help remove barriers and open doors for our customers and staff and foster good relations within the communities we serve. We want to be recognised as an organisation delivering fair accessible services and an employer and partner of choice. We promote equality of opportunity, work to eliminate discrimination in all areas of our operations and foster good relations between different groups. In promoting equality, we take account of various factors alongside the protected characteristics identified by the Equality Act 2010, which are: • age • disability • gender reassignment • marriage and civil partnership • pregnancy and maternity • race • religion and belief • sex • sexual orientation We hold personal information about our customers, board members, staff and involved residents; this helps us to consider the impact of our services, policy and actions on different groups within the community. This information is kept confidential and in accordance with our data protection policy. You can also view and update your personal information which we hold, via My Account . We have an Equality and Access Group which is chaired by our Chief Executive, Barbara Shaw, and includes a cross section of staff. The group provides strategic direction and ensures equality and access provision of a high standard. We work with partners across the region such as the police, race equality councils and faith groups. We are a founding member of Housing with Respect. Weblink: http://www.westwar uality-and-access Visit our website: http://www.westwar Click Here: http://www.westwar ur-service  (Jan 11, 2015 | post #1)

J & L Bradley Plumbing and Heating Engineers: Central Hea...

We also offer a wide range of central heating work including: ( http://www.jandlbr adleyplumbingandhe l.html ) • Heating systems updated/upgraded • Replacement Hot Water Cylinders • Installation of Pressurised Hot Water Cylinders • Install and replace radiators and valves • Thermostatic Radiators Valves fitted • Power Flush systems • Fit Magna Clean Filters to systems Our Engineers install full central heating, upgrade existing system design and controls to improve the overall performance of the system. Old or leaking hot water cylinders can be replaced with new and we also install pressurised hot water cylinders. J & L Bradley ( http://www.jandlbr adleyplumbingandhe ) specialise in all aspects of domestic heating and plumbing. We are based in Knaresborough, and cover the Harrogate, Knaresborough and surrounding areas. We are a well established business having served the local area for over 30 years.  (Jan 5, 2015 | post #1)

Bradley Research Group: Applying for a PhD-Position

We are always happy to hear from people who would like to join our research group, either as an undergraduate student, MSc, PhD student or Postdoc Applying for a PhD-Position Any available PhD-studentship will be advertised here and on the School of Chemistry pages Details of the Graduate School at the University of Edinburgh can be found here. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Mark Bradley directly with a CV. Applying for a Postdoc Position Any available Postdoc positions will be advertised here and on the School of Chemistry pages If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Mark Bradley directly. Read More About: http://www.combich  (Dec 25, 2014 | post #1)

PA Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority: THE ACT

Most people view insurance as a type of “security blanket” that can protect them against financial burdens associated with property loss‚ accidents‚ or injuries. Those who commit insurance fraud undermine the positive aspects of insurance by taking advantage of opportunities to lie in an attempt to receive undeserved money from their policies. How do they do it? [ http://www.helpsto -Insurance-Fraud/T he-Act ] Some provide false information on an insurance application form to secure a lower policy premium than had they been honest. Others exaggerate the amount of loss on a claim they submit in order to receive a settlement for more than the fair value. Or they “stage” accidents and attempt to get money for injuries that never occurred. Truth is‚ there are many ways ill–intended people try to cheat on their insurance coverage. That’s why it’s a good idea to become familiar with how to avoid making a bad judgment call when faced with similar situations.  (Aug 18, 2014 | post #1)

Mckenzie Corp: Points to consider when buying a boiler

Buying a packaged boiler is kind of like buying a new car. You need something that will get the job done within a given price range. There are some features that you must have and others that you would like to include if it fits that budget. Style counts for a lot in the purchase of a car; not a real critical factor in the boiler world. Whether your boiler is to be used for process duty or for heating purposes there are some basic points that you must consider. This listing was adapted from HVAC Systems and Components Handbook edited by Nils R. Grimm and Robert C. Rosaler. (McGraw-Hill Companies, 1998). We have included some additional points that we believe should also require careful consideration. • Just exactly what do you want the boiler to produce? Low Pressure Steam, High Pressure Steam, Hot Water, High Temperature Hot Water. • How big a boiler do you need? How much steam or hot water is required to satisfy your needs? • What duty will the boiler serve? Will it be used for space heating, process steam, humidification or any other number of duties? Continue reading: http://www.mckenzi ip_4.htm Visit us at http://www.mckenzi  (Aug 12, 2014 | post #1)

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Hill & Associates

Service Line - Business Intelligence & Integrity Risk Fraud Prevention & Investigation - Employee Kickback Investigation Industry – Retail When an international fashion house began noticing discrepancies in their inter-office payment procedures between an Asian city and their US headquarters, they initially suspected little more than a lack of controls. Two locally employed expatriate managers were installed in the Asian office by the US headquarters to oversee operations but both were soon 'fired' by the local director. Soon it became apparent that there was more to the problem than a simple lack of controls or cultural misunderstanding. H&A Approach: Subsequent investigations carried out by Hill & Associates investigators revealed that the local director, who was the purchasing manager, had been taking significant kickbacks from quota brokers and had been embezzling money for several years through an intricate network of concealed factory ownerships and partnerships. In an ill-fated attempt to 'keep sweet' the local office staff, the director even distributed an extra bonus of approximately US$2,000 to each person. Benefits to the Client: It was identified and estimated that the company lost several million dollars over several years from the actions of this individual alone. Weblink: http://www.hill-as es.html  (Jul 18, 2014 | post #1)

Industrial Boiler and Mechanical Boiler Rentals and Sales...

Efficient, reliable and easy to maintain. Our selection of oil fired boilers is part of IB&M’s commitment to being the one-stop supplier of all your boiler needs. Over the years we’ve successfully installed hundreds of oil fired boilers for customers in over a variety of many different industries. Our commitment to providing comprehensive service for all boiler-related issues means we’re with you every step of the way when from selection to delivery and installation to maintenance and even removing or converting your oil fired boiler. Contact us today to let one or team help you select the oil fired boiler that’s right for you. Johnston and Babcock & Wilcox Oil Fired Boilers With proven performance and reliability under the most demanding conditions, it's obvious why Johnston and Babcock & Wilcox have become our most requested oil fired boiler product lines. In addition to an extensive in-stock new & used boiler inventory, we offer oil boiler customization to meet any specification. Oil fired boilers are shipped at your discretion: individually, on a packaged skid, or as complete "boiler in a box" solution. See here: http://www.industr ers/OilFiredBoiler s/tabid/158/Defaul t.aspx Get More Info: http://www.industr .aspx  (Jun 9, 2014 | post #1)

Industrial Boiler and Mechanical Boiler Rentals and Sales

Skid Mounted Firetube Rental Boilers Our skid mounted firetube rental boilers ( http://www.industr al-boilers/skid-mo unted-firetube-ren tal-boilers.aspx ) are used for customers who simply need a temporary without all the related equipment. These boilers require less space and can be set in place next to an existing boiler. We stock skid mounted firetube rental boilers up to 1000 boiler horsepower which has a design pressure of 250 psi steam and can fire natural gas and number 2 fuel oil. Low NOx (30ppm) is available with most units 250 HP and over including our 1000 HP unit. Whatever your rental boiler need, IB&M ( http://www.industr ) is the boiler company with the most diverse inventory and breadth of experience who will minimize downtime and maximize your company’s profits Contact our Rental Boiler division today at (855) 753-BOILER for more information on skid mounted firetube rental boilers.  (May 25, 2014 | post #1)